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Halloween From My Past

The Halloweens I remember so fondly were in the 1950′s. We always made our own costumes as the ones you could buy in the dime stores were lame and the masks were hard plastic and never fit right. I remember being a cat very often as I had this long black tail from some dancing costume. Black eyeliner made whiskers on my face and little black ears were cut from cardboard, painted and tied on with string under the chin. It was easy to find a black shirt and slacks. Our goodie bags were old pillow cases, and you needed a bag that big for all the homemade goodies you would receive. Popcorn balls were the best, made from scratch just like the hand dipped caramel apples. Old Mrs. Hubbard would bake her famous sugar cookies and we would eat those still warm beauties before we ever got home. You knew everyone who’s house you knocked on and delighted in fooling them about who you were. There was much laughter and mystery and memories made.

In the center of town the teenagers would always find an outhouse in the country and bring it to town and lock somebody inside of it. Toilet paper streamers danced in the air from the tall trees and you expected to see ghosts at any minute and often, of course, you did. The smell of hot apple cider wafted from doorways and many times you were warmed by someone’s generosity on a cold night.

I feel blessed to have lived my youth in the then small town (500) of Ralston, Nebraska. The memories are a rich journey into my past at times of the year like Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone, may you be safe, but still in awe of the mysteries of life and death and the celebrations we share.

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New Moon in Scorpio

Time flys……………..and here we are at the end of a beautiful October and it is the New Moon. I love rituals that you can do during a New Moon. Just thinking about what you might like to have a little different in your life and then watching the options flow in. Creativity takes off and all of a sudden life is a little more exciting! Scorpio is one of my favorite signs (oh, alright, they all are!) because of it’s intense appreciation of living passionately. Everything is a bit richer in the sign of Scorpio. And so, this New Moon allows us to feel our emotions and our lives in a deeper fashion. It can be a positive or negative experience depending on what you make of it. Today, this Scorpio New Moon is in my ninth house of foreign travel/spirituality and I am dreaming of a bigger life. Many ideas are coming in about how to do that and they are all positive. Scorpio likes creativity, it’s up to you how that manifests.
If you would like to know where this Moon/Scorpio energy is affecting you, email me and I’ll tell you a bit about it.


Today’s Full Moon in Aries for All Signs:

Full Moon’s can be emotional and Aries can be aggressive, so caution against ego disputes with others. But it can also be a time that is super energized for change and moving in new directions.
ARIES-Take all this power and do something productive. Don’t be hard on your partner, they are struggling too.
TAURUS-You may need to get away and meditate or quietly re-think your next move. Work can be challenging now filled with responsibilities that you cannot ignore.
GEMINI-Do something social with friends, you need to enjoy yourself more. Relax and be more creative in everything you do.
CANCER-Your career is highlighted, but your home is calling you. Seek out balance in both without stressing yourself out so much.
LEO-Distant lands and dreams calling…..and every day life seems full of responsibilities. If you can’t get away, at least go to the zoo.
VIRGO-The mysteries of life and death are highlighted with this Moon. You are also challenged to figure out the money thing better.
LIBRA-Committed relationships are your focus, but your challenge will be how are you taking care of yourself?
SCORPIO-You are taking care of everything in your own style, but are you taking time for your spiritual growth?
SAGITTARIUS-Creative play is important now and don’t forget old friends. Reconnect and see a show, you need it.
CAPRICORN-Home and family are important now, make sure everything is in order. Your achievements are many and are getting the recognition you deserve.
AQUARIUS-Emotional responses may be a little exaggerated now, keep a rein on your ego. You may need to expand your views and be more tolerable.
PISCES-Unexpected money could be coming in, or perhaps you will discover a hidden talent to make more money with. Either way, change is in the air for you.

Read your Sun sign and Rising sign, if you don’t know what they are, ask me!

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It Is With Great Sadness……………………..

I had the privilege of hearing Wangari Maathai at the Benedictine Monastery in Kansas a few years ago.  When she entered the room it was like the sun came out from behind a cloud.  She was brilliant and her message passionate.  I am sorry the world has lost this bright light…………………..Sue

Wangari Muta Maathai (1940-2011)
It is with great sadness that the family of Professor Wangari Maathai announces her passing away on 25th September, 2011, at the Nairobi Hospital, after a prolonged and bravely borne struggle with cancer. Her loved ones were with her at the time.

Professor Maathai’s departure is untimely and a very great loss to all who knew her—as a mother, relative, co-worker, colleague, role model, and heroine; or who admired her determination to make the world a more peaceful, healthier, and better place.

Prof. Wangari Muta Maathai started the Green Belt Movement in 1977, working with women to improve their livelihoods by increasing their access to resources like firewood for cooking and clean water. She became a great advocate for better management of natural resources and for sustainability, equity, and justice. A synopsis of her life and work can be read here.

Prof. Maathai leaves her three children—Waweru, Wanjira, and Muta—and a granddaughter, Ruth Wangari. They are truly very grateful for all the prayers and support they have received.

Further information on how Prof’s life will be celebrated, where to share memories and condolences, and how to join us to build her legacy for generations to come will be provided shortly.

Read the tributes from world leaders to Professor Maathai here.

The Green Belt Movement has established a memorial fund to help the organization continue the amazing legacy Wangari Maathai.

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New Moon in Libra-Tues 9/27

Being a Libra, I feel the Moon stronger when it moves into my sun-sign. The New Moon offers us a time to reflect on what we would rather be doing/having/thinking/living and to plant some new seeds for whatever that is. Libra loves fellowship, harmony, balance, beauty, love, equality etc. Find what needs balancing in your life and begin to work in that direction, it will be easier with the New Moon’s help. Of course, this New Moon comes with a little “baggage” in the form of potential stress for some and harsh realizations for others. It really is a time to be questioning just what you are doing and what direction are you moving in, and is it for the highest good of all concerned?

“This New Moon at 4 Libra triggers the on-going Cardinal T-square in effect for the entire last half of September, and again forces us to examine our habits, how we want to feel as we move in our everyday lives, and what we do and do not care about. This involves the supply of future needs, and we are again at a point where we shall see wreckage of all that we cannot or should not bring with us into the new ideal that began late 2009, and took flight in new initiatives during the Spring of 2011.

This Lunation jumpstarts Libra energy wherever it falls in our chart. This period involves learning techniques of balancing perspectives in how to act, and whether we should be acting a certain way or not. Here we take a new look at our attainable ideals, and find new views of opportunities to fulfill them. While Libra is known for trying to find harmony and balance in situations, due to the Cardinal T-square this Lunation probably will be more dynamic and even frictional than harmonious.” -Wilkinson

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Heading into Winter……

Haven’t had much time to write lately, it’s a busy little Fall. I found this little prayer that sums up my feelings of the Autumn Equinox and the encroaching season:
Give me a candle of the Spirit, O God, as I go down into the deeps of my being. Show me the hidden things, the creatures of my dreams, the storehouse of forgotten memories and hurts. Take me down to the spring of my life, and tell me my nature and my name. Give me freedom to grow, so that I may become that self, the seed of which you planted in me at my making. Out of the deeps I cry to you, O God

From Prayer At Night by Jim Cotter

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Speeding Along…….

Uranus in Aries-Life in the fast lane! The trouble with life in the fast lane is that it doesn’t allow much interior growth, which is done through reflection and quiet times that allow deeper perspectives to surface.
And who isn’t in the fast lane? Is anyone spared that these days?
As I sat talking with a friend recently and I listened to how busy she is, how she helps everyone but herself. How strong she is, although now, is realizing that maybe she isn’t all that strong as her “crutches” are not supporting her real needs, I take another look at my own life.
Busy, busy, busy little bee.
Ok, I get it, I see the mirror.
I don’t want structures of any kind anymore that don’t feed my soul. What that means to me is catching everything that comes my way and saying, “Is this essential to my happiness? Or is this just another busy activity that looks good but leaves me tired?”
Does it ever end? No, get over that!
Relaxing into what I want, what I need, mmmmmmm doesn’t that sound lovely! Hope Uranus allows rest stops these coming years, we are all going to need process time for these amazing changes internally and externally.

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Full Moon in Pisces

The Sun has moved into the Great Earth Healer sign of Virgo and we have a Full Moon in Pisces creating some very unique environments for us all. Pretty unpredictable with fluid Pisces wanting romantic creativity and spiritually climaxing encounters. Practical Sun doesn’t quite know what to make of this Full Moon, but you do. Romance your own life, do something different that spiritually uplifts you. Pull out the paints and create your own Picasso/Rembrandt. Dream your dreams for a more expanded and happy future. Drop fears as Pisces ruled by Neptune can take you down some pretty confusing or dark corridors-your choice-keep the faith, stay grounded and focus on the highest now. You have days before and days after a Full Moon to take advantage of these impulses.

And this from the Great Wilkinson:

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Front Porch Society

I hear it’s making a comeback. A part of me sighs in deep feelings of peace and remembrance of what that was like. Evenings, after supper and dishes we would gather outside for a walk or just to sit and enjoy the evening. Neighbors would come over or we would stand on the lawn…..sit in a chair and talk about the weather, family, and sometimes even deeper subjects. But it was the connection, the sharing of space that was important, not the words.

We connected with each other and stood by each other in the times that inevitably come into lives, births, deaths, accidents, tragedy, joys and so on. You never had to worry about who would feed the cat if you were gone, or having to cook a meal through the loss of a loved one. You could count on being supported and protected.

I think we have been like headstrong children without a firm hand to guide them in many of our choices. Too much TV, too many games, too many cars, too much ease. And what has that brought us but a feeling of separateness, unhappiness, little peace, a society so wrapped up in externals the internals are starving.

It feels like we are turning a corner now and recognizing the things that make our lives worth living. Those small things like connecting with a friend on the patio and just talking about lives and dreams briefly before the day begins. It opens the day up when you are opened by connections.



Thank God for the talented teachers. They are like milestones on our path. Remember the first one you loved? Remember the one you didn’t love but you learned so much from?

Anyone can be a teacher. It’s the gift of your knowing going into the fertile ground of one who is receptive/awake.

Reminds me of the parable about seeds falling on good soil or rocky soil;

Same seeds – same truth

Good soil – open mind

Rocky soil – no germination

Being in the teacher role for years I am very aware of the lessons that come my way through teachers of every kind. Family, friends, books, nature, spoken words, driving, shopping, chance encounters, my body, my thoughts ad infinitum.

Today I am fertile soil.

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Closer to God

It’s a New Moon in Virgo, and you can let that bring you closer to God
“… to be able to remember the sunset, to be able to remember a beautiful conversation, a beautiful deed done where hope and faith were created, to remember the smile of a babe, the blush of a rose, the harmony of a song – a bird’s call; these are creative. For if they are a part of thyself, they bring you closer and closer to God.
-Edgar Cayce Reading 1431-1
We spend so much time looking outside for some form of beauty and ease from our toils. Spend a moment with eyes closed and call up a breathtaking moment from your life……..then bring up another, perhaps a time when you truly felt loved……, a time spent in nature where you felt the presence of God……look back through your years and recall the beauty……….let that be the guiding force this day.
Blessings from Sue


Hogue Prophecies

Heads up people!

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Out Of Balance

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.  He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither”.  Benjamin Franklin

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about everything; the world, our country, cities, farms, people, families etc.

I was thinking about cookies and pop and what an impact they have had on our society. Holidays are for treats, holidays and special occasions. Every summer when it gets really, really hot, there is nothing like a cold Pepsi over ice. I have one every year. During Christmas, what could be better than the old family recipes of fudge, divinity, Christmas cookies etc. I wait eagerly all year long for those treats.

Indulgences make the body soft and weak. Just like a country that gives up freedom for security. When the body gives up staples (whole grains, vegetables, fruits) for treats (sugar, fats, white flour) it cannot do the job required; a strong immune system, a happy mind, all parts in balance.

You could say our bodies are a reflection of our country. Too many treats and not enough staples.


As Above, So Below

That statement makes me a little spacey. And it brings up all kinds of questions about what is above?? Why are we below??

So I have to expand my consciousness to wrap around statements like that. Then I begin to feel the multi dimensional gravities of many planes of existence, this one being just that, a plane of existence. Consciousness desires to grow and evolve. Coming from infinity we have little choice about growing and evolving. Choice being our free will. However the compelling nature of change does not allow us to remain stuck for too long. And I am thankful for that.

As I journey thru my lessons like everyone else here I now cooperate a little better. I spent a great deal of time/energy/life force attempting to do it my way. And I doubt that I will give that up completely, but it does feel better to occasionally let the flow carry me along without having to struggle quite so hard.

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No Difference

“To me there is no difference between one person and another; I behold all as soul-reflections of the one God. I can’t think of anyone as a stranger, for I know that we are all part of the One Spirit.” -Paramahansa Yogananda

It was often said of my Grandfather that he never met a stranger. What a blessing it was to grow up around such a wise and jolly old sage. He showed me how to see the good in all and to respond to that in humor and connectedness to others.

Yogananda, my second Hindu Guru, reflected this on such a high level that oneness was perceived/achieved.

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Full Moon in Aquarius Today

I love Full Moons most of the time and today feel that awesome surge I get when her bright face shines down from the sky!
It is a time when emotions run high and if you are having a positive time it really enhances that. However, quite the opposite comes thru when you are down. Remember, you are the transformer for all of these energies which are neutral without you.
So, today our beautiful silver moon shines brightest in humanitarian loving Aquarius. It’s really time to love yourself and the rest of humanity and start making your corner of the world exactly how you would like the whole world to be. Remember John Lennon in “Imagine”, and imagine all that you love and the peace that you desire.

Robert Wilkinson states in his long treatise on this full moon:  “We are all being moved into a newer, simpler, more enjoyable dedication of self in a greater service. This is where we find a larger “consecration,” and can “hurry on our errands of mercy” even as we open to sensing a more fortuitous connection between the visible and invisible worlds and our helpers in both. The “traffic jams” can help us all heal into our Higher Self, and prepare us for deciding what parts of our gardens we want to cultivate while seeing how Nature is rewarding us for past effort.

So expect a lot of weirdness, friction, ego crashes, and disappointments that will show us the way to let go of our lower self and embrace the fire of our Higher Self and its Truths. The difficulties may not necessarily manifest in our lives, and so may happen around us, showing us to an effective Soul expression. This is a time of rebalancing our Soul’s needs and expression freed of lower ego and its assumptions.

Follow your feelings into decisions and actions that help you integrate what need integrating, and then get more information and new ideas to come to a clear vision. Allow your information files to be updated, and follow the flow into new actions.

This is a very active and diverse time, with developments spanning all 12 signs. Take a larger view, stabilize what is valuable and beautiful, use your imagination, be gently and sweetly determined, keep it simple and straightforward, and move step by careful step into walking the way into a new life, while anticipating a freer, more playful life to come.”


A River Moving In You

When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
When actions come from another section,
the feeling disappears. -Rumi
I have experienced a “river moving through me” often in life and especially right now.
We are experiencing a once in 500 year flood of the mighty Missouri River at this time too.
And that is how some of these powerful astrological energies are flowing through our world, like a river running, overflowing, out of control and very strong.
Some days it’s all I can do to sit and breathe and allow these rivers of energies to flow through me, other days I’m caught up in the flow and experience amazing creativity. I’ve just about transformed my Center and organized files that have been laying around for over 20 years. Thank you to Mercury retrograde, always good for cleaning up old stuff.
The bigger changes of Pluto, Uranus, Neptune are transforming all of us and I am finding it hard sometimes to connect to old friends. The energy is gone, we’ve changed, and we don’t match up anymore. Life times are speeding by and it is vital to remain flexible, open, free, non judgmental, compassionate and to stay out of any unhealthy ego patterns.  It’s all very exciting and I wonder what 10 years from now will look like and  who will be in my life then.

And this from Robert Wilkinson: 

“That’s right – we’re now in the heart of a few very volatile days. It began when Mars entered Cancer August 3, setting the square to Uranus and opposition to Pluto into motion. These are very challenging and dynamic aspects to two of the most powerful disruptive energies in creation.”

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How to Forgive

Several years ago I wrote The Dailies on this Blog. Then I shifted into mostly astrology musings.
Tonight I’m back into the Dailes with something that has caused me angst, great angst, all day. I was listening to the radio news at either 91.5 or 90.7 (can’t remember which station now, as they are the only stations I listen to). The story was about Meth addiction and a man in Council Bluffs who had just killed a cat. But not before sexually abusing the cat and then throwing it out the window, where it died and someone reported him.
I have wrestled with this all day, and tears flow as I try to understand why.
Years ago I made one of my spiritual practices on Forgiveness about sexual perpretators. It was a hard discipline as I had very rigid judgements against anyone who could possibly sexually abuse a child. I was vigilant in my pursuit of real forgiveness……it took years before I came to that place. During that time I researched perpetrators and how they could harm such innocence. The essence I took away from that investigation was that all perps had been abused so severely at such an impressionable age that pleasure/pain/shame/sex etc was all rolled up into a very complex desire for love.
Today, I lost my work on forgiveness. Unfortunately, my mind won’t lose the image of the cat and how that whole scene had to play out. It took me to Africa, where women and so many very young girls are raped daily in a war I can’t understand.
And that brings me to a place that I have no understanding of and I wonder if I will ever be able to let go of humans abusing life.
I don’t want to hurt others in any way. But I do understand that through our deep emotional pain we seek relief. I do understand that sometimes our darkest shadows can emerge and perform acts that our waking consciousness would be horrified of.
My prayers are with the cat tonight. Maybe tomorrow I can pray for the man that fed his lowest cravings for love.

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Dog Days of Summer

I’ve been writing so many classes and articles on Astrology I haven’t spent much time on the Blog lately. Missed commenting on the Blue Moon altogether, LOL……….oh well.
If you want a really great/simple take on how August will be affecting each sign go to: and also:
August will be full of opportunity to re-do many things in your life. There will be some gear grinding regarding the deeper issues in your life and it’s just a good idea to take long walks and maybe an appt with your therapist. The energies all month ask you to seek and be the deeper change you wish in the world.
Happy Dog Days of Summer, thank you Sirius, the dog star!!

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Full Moon in Capricorn

When the Moon is full we tend to be a little more emotional. However, Capricorn is not emotional.  Capricorn is very responsible, disciplined and pretty much stays the course in whatever it is doing. Although sometimes the negative side will show through; then we experience a tendency to be rigid, opinionated and just plain hard to deal with. Which side will show through? Whichever one you focus on. It always depends on the state we ourselves are in as to how these things manifest.
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn wants everything to be in order with a solid foundation. The Moon is not concerned with that, rather the Moon wants our emotional needs to be met. How these two combine will lend a persistant, ambitious instinct to do the best one can and get ahead. It could come off a little ruthless with some. Should be a great time to get a lot of work done!
Happy Full Mooning!

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New Moon/Solar Eclipse-Cardinal Grand Cross of 7/1/11

Last night our Astrology Study Group met to take advantage of the powerful surge of energy at play in the heavens.  We could all feel, and had been feeling, the rushes of energy that are unleashed at this time.  Many of us are experiencing vast change in some area of our lives.  Many old patterns, friends, homes and ways of doing things are leaving to make room for newer, brighter and more evolved activities.  It’s about evolution baby!  And it has never moved this fast, except perhaps, during the 60′s.  Although I was much younger then and enjoyed the rapid changes in consciousness a lot more.  Now it seems I’m groaning at the seams as the shift happens. 

I was describing the Grand Cross experience from a past life image I have of ancient Rome,  a man has his arms and legs tied to 4 stallions and they charge in oppositie directions.  (Who thought that stuff up?!)  However, it is a pretty good description of how the Grand Cross is affecting some.  So what is the point ?  To break through our very rigid patterns which will allow the light of creativity to create something new and hopefully better in our lives.

This was a partial eclipse, and unless you were a penguin in Antactica and parts of the ocean there, no one actually saw it.  That doesn’t really lessen it’s power due to it being the 3rd eclipse in 4 weeks.  This one was in the sign of Cancer and closes down a series of Capricorn/Cancer eclipses of the past few years.  We get a chance to finish off and tie up loose ends and lay somethings to rest.  Maybe it can all just be “good enough” for now as destiny is swirling in for dramatic and long lasting regeneration thanks to Pluto in Capricorn till 2025.

We will all be experiencing the whirling dervish dance of 3 eclipses for many months to come.  You have time to sit and organize your thoughts, what would you like to have instead?  Who would you like to be with more? These energies want you to be your highest in all that you are.  It’s about you being you and being grounded in the moment and no longer living in denial or fear or anger or fill in the blank.  It really is a time for rejoicing and throwing off the chains of the past.  Allelujah!  Jai!

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Happy Summer Solstice

Cardinal Grand Cross involving Pluto (death/rebirth), Mercury (messenger of the gods), Saturn (foundations), and Uranus (unexpected) with Lilith (danger), creates a very interesting solstice for summer 2011.  Just look at the weather and then check your own internal weather to see how it’s going.

Many cultures celebrate various combinations of the winter and summer solstices, the equinoxes, and the midpoints between them, leading to various holidays arising around these events. For the winter solstice, Christmas is the most popular holiday to have arisen. In addition, Yalda, Saturnalia, Karachun, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Yule (see winter solstice for more) are also celebrated around this time. For the summer solstice, Christian Catholic cultures and Nordic Christian Protestant cultures celebrate the feast of St. John from June 23 to June 24 (see St. John’s Eve, Ivan Kupala Day, Midsummer), while the Wiccan culture observes Litha. For the vernal (spring) equinox, several spring-time festivals are celebrated, such as the observance in Judaism of Passover. The autumnal equinox has also given rise to various holidays, such as the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. At the midpoints between these four solar events, cross-quarter days are celebrated.

In most cultures the solstices and equinoxes also determine the midpoint of the seasons, which can be seen in the celebrations called midsummer and midwinter. Along this vein, the Japanese celebrate the start of each season with an occurrence known as Setsubun.

In Hinduism, the solstices are termed as Uttarayana and Dakshinayana. The former occurs around January 14th of each year, while the latter occurs around June 21st each year. According to the Vedic Calendar, Uttarayana is termed as auspicious while Dakshinayana is inauspicious for deaths and births, while for festivals the reverse stands true. The offerings to ancestors and the dead occurs in Dakshinayana.


More Eclipse info…………..

This from
As a result of the recent Solar Eclipse, this Lunar Eclipse, and the coming Solar Eclipse a couple of weeks from now, we have entered a period where we are shutting down old Gemini energies and growing toward new Sagittarius energies. Let go of old ideas and interpretations, and be pulled into broader views, broader truths, broader understanding, and broader futures. When in doubt remember that a sense of humor solves many mental problems.

This very bright Total Lunar Eclipse will begin a several month “shut down” in the houses it occupies in our charts. Given that it happens during the period Saturn is going stationary direct, you can bet that your evolving archetypal role is on the move, so be kind, be understanding, and be willing to get beyond terms, language, and specific forms of ideas and see people for the human beings they are.

We had a prelude to what’s happening in this one in the Lunar Eclipse of December 2010, and began to release or demonstrate patterns directly associated with this one. The clearance we began then anticipated the bigger, longer-term endings set into motion at the Solar Eclipse in January 2011 that was boosted by the Solar Eclipse of 2 weeks ago.

So like most Lunar Eclipses, this one ushers in a transitional period of about 3 2/3 months that will clear things out of our lives, and especially our past (the Moon). The space created can attract circumstances and people through which we can develop skills helping us deal with the wild ride of The Grand Irrationality that’s in continuous motion during these months and years.

Those around the world who will definitely feel effects of this Full Moon are the places where it falls near the angles of the chart. Places where the Lunation is near the angles and activating energies powerfully are the west coast of North America, eastern South America, the UK and Western Europe, Iran, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

We’ve all been challenged to choose wisely despite the general weirdness and hard edge to things. The recent New Moon Solar Eclipse stepped the energy up as it fell in the Gemini zone of the Grand Irrationality, and so many strange and “destiny-producing” events have quickened to warp speed, throwing us all in major new directions. The whole world is at a critical turning point where we must find compassionate ways to link with others to assist the whole to survive through a rough patch.

We can find illumination in being aware of how things are expanding and being communicated as we stand on the threshold of decisions that will reorient us all in different ways to stabilize recent beginnings. This can take shape through how and what we believe to be truth or a greater future, and how we use our imagination to play with skills that will become powers in the future, with the purpose of showing our world our ability to play with rhythms of activity as we keep our eyes on the prize.

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Eclipses can show us that we are confronting a major fork in the road in some part of our life.  Something has to give when we make choices.  Letting go of what isn’t best for you might be a good start.  Today we have a lunar eclipse in philosophical Sagittarius asking us to delve deeper into the collective unconscious and heal the negativity that is rampant in the world. July 1st another solar eclipse, this time in nurturing Cancer. During this eclipse the planets are lining up to form a cardinal Grand Cross. Keven Burk describes this as, “The cardinal Grand Cross is essentially an identity crisis. The challenge with a Grand Cross is that whatever is triggered, all the planets want to take action at once, each going in their own direction. This can lead to individuals either feeling pulled apart and overextended, or else feeling a building sense of frustration because of an overwhelming need to take action.”
Just before the July 1st eclipse the Moon (emotions) will conjunct (sit next to) Pluto (power and transformation). This promises to be very powerful for all, start preparing for this by deepening your spiritual practice and practicing tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and anything else you could be a little bit better at…………….
Jai Bhagwan
Om Shanti

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Gratitude or Relief?

I like to work on positive attitudes in the face of life. The other day I was overcome with a sense of gratitude about something and just into the feeling when I noticed that it was more a feeling of relief that something didn’t happen. That got me to thinking about all the things I am grateful for………so far it looks more like I’m very relieved instead of grateful. That makes me wonder what real gratitude feels like.
This feels like Neptune in Pisces, which is happening now for the first time in 150 years. Neptune is a spiritual harbinger of greater awareness. I have really been noticing that what I thought I believed/know etc is being revealed as something a little different. Perception is widening and opening to newer playing fields.  Very awesome and sure I will enjoy this immensely!

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First Eclipse Today in Gemini

What is leaving your life? Can you let go a little more gracefully?
Eclipses signal endings, but without the doom and gloom. We know that no door closes without another ready to open.
Wilkinsons states: ” So the Light of the New Moon is shining on “self-recreation,” “relaxation,” “appreciation,” and “adventure in experience.” Here our dynamic self-expression yields forms of fun, where we find a “soul-satisfying experiment in the infinitely varying channels of possible self-discovery.”
Grow toward experiences that reward our “worthiness of self as the foundation for self-fulfillment,” be creatively alert to possible good fortune, and radiate good will and “proficiency of self-interest.” These will demonstrate through the illuminated South Node qualities.”  (
The changes occuring interiorly and externally are big, but if we just chunk it down, breathe, notice our surroundings and loved ones, it can bring us great happiness.  I am going to thoroughly enjoy the eclipse and celebrate by Grandson Valor’s  6th birthday ………………laughing all the way!

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June for all Signs

June 2011 Astro Vibrations for Expedoodle

With so much already going on in the world and astrologically you would think that the summer might give us a little peace. No, ‘fraid not! We start June with a big old Solar Eclipse in Gemini trining (beneficial) Saturn (better foundations). With eclipses we get to close out the past. Look at your past and see what needs to be eliminated for good and do it yourself before it is done to you. That’s the problem with eclipses, they work with you or without you. June 15 brings us a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (philosophy) and all of us will experience a shift in consciousness. How that will affect each individual depends on the placement of it in your chart. Now is a good time to get your chart read by a well rounded astrological counselor. Two weeks after this lunar eclipse, on July 1st we get another solar eclipse, this time in Cancer (nurturing/co-dependent). And the summer is just beginning. What does this all generally mean for us? It is time to get our proverbial heads out of our arse and see the reality of our lives and world. Waking up would be good now. Do good works, be kind and helpful, know your neighbors, start a community garden, help out with local kids (Teammates needs volunteers!), volunteer at a shelter or food pantry. These eclipses ask us if we are doing enough. Are you? It’s time to build a better world, both privately and collectively.

ARIES-How is it feeling with crazy, unusual Uranus running around in your most intimate home-your body? The Moon/eclipse of the 1st will send shivers of electricity over to you. Get a new do or start a workout regime to handle all this power. The Lunar eclipse on the 15th will ask you if you have expanded into your greater, more authentic reality yet. This is a good time to seek higher education, especially philosophy/spirituality.

TAURUS-These eclipses may unearth new talent in you, or accentuate some old ones. The big thing is handling money, either you will understand this or not, but it will be one of the transformative energies at work this month for you. Letting go of the past isn’t just a novel idea anymore, it is a survival issue.

GEMINI-All eyes are looking your way, can you stand in the spotlight this month? Not much choice, so strut your stuff. A few relationships might need re-examining and after the 15th some may go the way of the dinosaur. Destiny, yours, is calling you to make your mark in the world and do it with more spirituality. Than means, more heart and tender loving care in all you achieve.

CANCER-There is some pretty deep transformational work going on in your subconscious that might affect your health if you aren’t processing all that is happening in your life right now. It isn’t an especially easy time for you, but if you do the work, it will pay off in happiness later……………..nose to the grindstone!

LEO-Roar your way into just about anything you want. The planets aren’t exactly easy in your chart, but if you are careful they can certainly be productive and yield success in whatever you are undertaking. Friends may need your help, or you theirs at months beginning, by the end of the month get ready for a bomb to go off in your karmic sector. Hopefully it will be good karma.

VIRGO-Home and career are your focus this month. Starting with career/achievements at months end you will need to be ready for whatever comes your way. Old doors close as new ones are about to open. The 15th brings an awareness for a needed change in your home and personal surroundings. Some Virgos will move or change careers this summer.

LIBRA-The Solar Eclipse on the 1st happens in your 9th House which is like your research library and travel agency rolled into one and the 2nd Eclipse on the 15th hits your 3rd house which is like your mail/phone room or communication center. This month you will be busy examining your beliefs and the way you communicate in all areas. You will be changing in dramatic ways at fundamental levels. And it looks like you will be getting a little get-a-way in too.

SCORPIO-You like it intense and so it is this month. You will be preoccupied with yours and other people’s “stuff”! Dramatic change starts on the 1st. What can you let go of or rebuild or build anew? With Pluto hanging out for many more years to come in your daily life house, you are capable of sustained planning and change now. Committed relationships are a sensual delight this month.

SAGITTARIUS-These eclipses will have you looking long and hard at your relationship to yourself and to other very special people in your life. You may even decide to commit to one in particular. If you are already in a committed relationship it may need some tweaking this month.

CAPRICORN-The Eclipses happen in your 12th and 6th houses this month and will have you scrambling to understand how to take better care of yourself and how you earn a living. Business is highlighted and needing some better direction from you. Time to meditate/reflect and get insight on how to improve your earthly existence.

AQUARIUS-The highlight for you is friends, having fun and just hanging out. Have you been getting enough of that? You need to feel special and unique now and you need to share that with people who think you are too. Be sure to take advantage of bountiful Jupiter as it is ready to move into your home sector. Bright colors, bigger furniture, maybe move to a larger place! Jupiter decorates and makes everything bigger than life.

PISCES-The month starts out with an eclipse in your home-don’t yell at each other! Halfway through the eclipse hits your career, calling for needed change in that area. Something could be opening up for you at last. Lots of activity in your daily living sector too and hopefully some fun with the neighbors.

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June for All Signs at Expedoodle

June for all signs is up at the below link.  Check it out and tell me what you think!   -Sue

Expedoodle Omaha | News | Omaha June Horoscopes By Sue Moon

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Three Eclipses in 4 Weeks

The eclipses are coming fast and I’ve been writing quite a bit about them in other places. Will write more later as each one hits.
If you would like to know if these eclipses are hitting you in some “tender” spots, I’m doing special mini-eclipse reports for $25/one eclipse; $35/two; $45/three. The dates are June 1st, Solar Eclipse in Gemini; June 15th, Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and July 1st, Solar Eclipse in Cancer.
Just email me or call:

Found this piece from a very respected astrologer, April Kent on her site at Big Sky Astrology:
“•Eclipse aspecting the natal Sun: If life is a movie, the Sun is the protagonist – however flawed – for whom we cheer. Each of us is born to be the hero of our own life story; but often, timidity or false modesty persuades us to hand over that role to others. When eclipses aspect your natal Sun, you are thrust into the starring role – and if you’re not used to it, that can be uncomfortable.
•Eclipses aspecting the natal Moon – From the moment we’re ripped from mom’s womb, we seek to reclaim the security and safety that we knew there. We feather our nests, stock the pantry with foods we like, and surround ourselves with people who make us feel comfortable. But when eclipses aspect the natal Moon, something – a new living situation, a change in health – may leave you feeling as exposed as a crab with her shell cracked open.
•Eclipses aspecting Mercury: How do you define yourself? Usually, it begins with a name. Then, with your rank in the family pecking order, on the playground, in the workplace. Finally, numbers (grades in school, numbers on a paycheck) define you. When eclipses aspect natal Mercury, the god of definition, prepare for a change in your name, rank, or serial number – and for a change in how you define yourself.
•Eclipses aspecting Venus: If only each of us were endowed with flawless confidence, great relationships, bountiful self-esteem, and oodles of cash! Eclipse aspects to Venus remind us that world will not always give us the treatment, whether kind or cruel, that we think we deserve.
•Eclipses aspecting Mars: Mars is a trained, ruthless guard dog that answers only to you. He guards you and your home, defends your reputation, and helps you get all the cool things that you want. When eclipses aspect natal Mars, the watch dog is stirred up and straining at his leash; get what’s yours, but don’t let anyone get hurt.
•Eclipses aspecting Jupiter: When was the last time you had an adventure? When eclipses aspect Jupiter, you’re itching to take a chance, to feel the thrill of being completely alive. These can be times when you overreach out of sheer optimism; but they are also moments when your life jumps tracks and starts moving in a new direction.
•Eclipses aspecting Saturn: When eclipses aspect Saturn, you may feel worn out and discouraged. Probably, you’ve outgrown your life or are playing by outdated rules. But you’ll never get anywhere by blaming others for your problems. Regardless of how things got this way, what are you going to do to make your life better?
•Eclipses aspecting Uranus: When eclipses aspect Uranus, you may feel like a misfit – and that can hurt. Recognizing who your friends are (and aren’t), and looking for a tribe that lets you be yourself, is the challenge of these eclipses.
•Eclipses aspecting Neptune: These eclipses compel you to examine your blind spots, question your faith, and dispute what you previously thought was indisputable. If you’ve been fooling yourself – like a wife who ignores the signs that her husband has strayed, or the man who is disillusioned by his womanizing guru – these eclipses can deliver a wakeup call.
•Eclipses aspecting Pluto: In each of us, there is a dark side. There are feelings that are unworthy of us – rage, jealousy, fear, covetousness. They weaken us, making us slaves to our emotions and to people who are more self-possessed. When eclipses aspect Pluto, we meet that dark self and the others who embody it for us, grappling with power and the need for control.
Combine these descriptions to better understand the sensitive points in your own chart that will be awakened by the upcoming eclipses on June 1 (solar eclipse at 11.02 Gemini), June 15, 2011 (lunar eclipse 24.23 Sagittarius), and July 1 (9 Cancer). If a planet in your birth chart, or the Ascendant/Midheaven, falls:

•between about 7 and 15 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces (June 1 eclipse) or
•between about 20 and 28 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces (June 15 eclipse), or
•between about 5 and 13 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn (July 1 eclipse),
your reflexes will be working overtime… and that arthritic knee is going to be really, really sore.”

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