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April Astrologically

It’s a strong Aries month….and if you are one you may want to tone it down for your friends and family!  The New Moon on the 10th is in Aries which is a good time to start a new project or dream a new dream, there will be lots of energy to achieve with this Moon.  The month is focused on acting on the changes we all know need to happen whether that is personal or global.  So, look around and begin repairing what you can, letting go of the inevitable and dropping barriers or beliefs that are judgmental.  The Full Moon on the 25th is also a Lunar Eclipse, the first of three eclipses this spring.  This one is in Scorpio and I’m telling you it will be intense, what isn’t with Scorpio?  Wherever 5 degrees of Scorpio falls in your chart will show an area where you need to give up the ghost……..let it go……….move on!  For the country this happens in the 8th house of Death and Rebirth.  Dying to the old so that the new can emerge.  Of course those kinds of changes don’t happen in a day or even a couple of years, but this eclipse is a harbinger for our country to change.  The past months heavy Yods and more can have you wishing for a quiet get away, but not yet, there’s work to be done.

ARIES-This month continues the surge of power that started in March as many planets moved into your sign, there are 5 and the focus is on strength and moving forward with your life.  The New Moon is just for you, make the most of it.  Make a plan or two and take steps towards transforming yourself into a new you!  The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th lands in your house of major change-make it a good one.

TAURUS-You will be getting a charge as the Sun moves into your sign along with Venus and Mars enjoy yourself, you will be a loving, charming magnet for all kinds of good stuff!  The New Moon lands in your meditation room and you may need to jumpstart a new spiritual form of connecting to something greater than you, it could also be a little jarring with some past karma coming up for a payment.  The eclipse on the 25th is in your house of committed relationships.  Some old patterns are drawing to an end……you may feel a little in limbo for a stretch, but it will pass.

GEMINI-Jupiter and Lilith are expanding and bringing up a few shadows to deal with.  With Jupiter in your 1st house you need to watch over doing everything especially eating.  A good month to really start liking yourself more and how you present yourself to the world.  There are endings and beginnings with friends and small groups now.  The many things you take care of, including a job are about to end/change.  Peacefully let go and be open to better things coming in.

CANCER-The New Moon on the 10th lands in your Career!  This is the time to go for the gold in whatever way you wish…….just listen to your awesome intuitions and follow your heart.  At months end find a way to spend quality time with friends to renew your spirit.  The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th lands in your house of children.  It could be that one of your children is changing and you may need to let them go for awhile….it will be ok.  If you don’t have children, you need to find a different way to have more fun!

LEO-The transformation that you are undergoing is at the subconscious level and you need to breathe and embrace new changes but don’t forget who loves you.  Pluto will be in your house of health for many years to come-get healthy-Pluto wants to regenerate you.  There will be a rebirth of sorts in how you think and view the world this month-keep it expanded and let go of any rigid belief systems.

VIRGO-Transformation is very strong for you at this time with so many planets in the house of death and rebirth.  Learn to be flexible with your changes.  If it isn’t working out, oh well, move on to something better.  You are making your mark in the world and the world is noticing…stay the course and much will be yours.  You may need to communicate differently than you have in the past, check and see if you have been insensitive to others in your daily life and correct that.  You will have a great deal of help for any improvements you attempt in how you talk to others.

LIBRA-The New Moon happens in your marriage/partnership house-huzza!  This will be a time for either renewing or letting go in that area.  All depends on what for your highest good.  Big changes coming at the end of the month-are you ready?  Pluto continues to totally remake your home for many years to come.  The Eclipse on the 25th lands in your money/talent/possessions house, hmmm, maybe you need to let go of some of the things you do and develop new talents….just a thought.

SCORPIO-It’s a good thing you like the deeper side of life because this month you transform at a very basic level.  One way to use this energy would be to get a “new do” or workout, change your diet, change your attitude, love yourself.  It’s a strong physical month for you so plant that garden, or workout, run a couple of miles, just do something to boost your health.  At the end of the month unwind with someone you are deeply committed to, it will be FABULOUS!

SAGITTARIUS -You get a New Moon in your house of fun-how lucky is that?!  This is also the area of great creativity/love/children and more.  It’s time to find newer ways to enrich your life through playing.  A new job may be in the offing at months end, or maybe you just need to take more  herbs!  The Eclipse on the 25th spotlights your 12th house.  This is a complicated area that the old astrologers called the House of Self Undoing.  I like to call it the Meditation Room.  Regardless, pay attention to what you absolutely have got to let go of now-only you know what that is.

CAPRICORN-You wield astronomical power at this time, be sure to use it well.  The New Moon lands in your home…..yikes, better paint a wall red so you don’t fight with the people you live with.  Best to knock out walls and redecorate, paint etc.  But, really, it just shows that there is a need for new beginnings there.  The eclipse on the 25th lands in your house of friends/small groups and could signal an ending of some of those.  Jupiter and Lilith have you thinking about all those things you take care of…..why so many?

AQUARIUS-There is a rebirth awaiting you on the 10th with that New Moon in Aries.  It’s focusing on your everyday world.  Make a plan if you would like something a little different there……..then take some action.  Dreams will be action packed this month as your subconscious is being challenged by the fiery god of Aries and the earthy god of Taurus.  The eclipse on the 25th lands in your major achievements in this life, so something needs to be let go of so you can step into greater glory, know what that is?  I bet you do.

PISCES -You’ve been so creative this past month, now it’s time to make some  money from it all.  Thanks to the New Moon in your 1st money house you can now find new ways to increase that income.  Towards the months end daily life should be pretty cushy thanks to comfort loving Taurus.  The eclipse on the 25th lands in your house of higher mind/long long journeys.  There is something changing in your philosophies and it’s been coming for awhile.  Soon, you will be seen as a strong authority figure and greatly rewarded for that.


Full Moon in Libra 3/27

Thanks Robert……………………………

The Full Moon of Libra-Aries in March 2013 Pt. 1 –Protecting What We Need To As We Live On Multiple Levels

by Robert Wilkinson

This Full Moon at 7 Aries-Libra is cardinal, activating, direct, and moves our lives forward quickly. This will show us a new level of our functioning, and begin the end game of letting go of the ghosts of the past we’ve been dealing with for about 2 years. Expect more hard adjustments and crosscurrents. Sacrifices give spiritual focus.

Today’s article will cover an overview of the Lunation and some of its primary qualities. Part 2 will cover the various rising signs around the globe and the Sabian Symbols. Part 3 will cover the aspects, configurations and patterns, and which signs are most likely to be affected by where this falls in their charts.

This initiating, volatile, and archetypal Full Moon that will pull us in many different (and sometimes conflicted) directions falls at the 7th degree of Aries and Libra. This Lunation, helping us get it in gear and break free of ambivalence and feeling split between multiple unresolvable forces, occurs March 27 at 2:27 am PDT, 5:27 am EDT, and 9:27 am Greenwich (UT).

An overview of this period ruled by this Full Moon shows it will illuminate our ability to move in our world on several levels simultaneously, where we can concentrate our energy and focus on new beginnings we have no power to stop. Having set these in motion in 2010, and shed many ghosts since then, this is the time to live the higher spiritual vision related to this process.

Here we can get insights into what to tame, what to protect, what to uplift, and find ways to rise to some urgent situation that shows us our true role in life. A balanced approach is best.

This Lunation is short on practicality with a lot of focus on feelings and inspired thinking. Movement and activity are paramount, and it will seem things are unfolding with breathtaking speed despite the Piscean echoes reminding us to have a compassionate mind and view of things. Even if you feel you don’t know, remember this is the end of some ghosts. Direct the mind with precision, humor, and more positive directions.

The focus of the light will reveal a need for a balanced approach to all things, and show us how to do some form of “transmutation through service” that helps us capture another facet of our emerging archetype and role in the world. Again, we began that process in 2010, along with seeing a future that created a new Path for each of us in early 2011. Then we began to let go of the ghosts of the past via the June Solar Eclipse in Gemini so that our lives would have enough space for the new archetype to develop.

We’ve now cleaned out enough that it’s clear what’s left to let go of to complete the process, and this Full Moon helps us do that through direct action, as well as opportunities to redirect our energies to new initiatives. This one moves us all through endings and beginnings into larger things, and despite the friction, it will help bless what’s coming that will provide a greater security in June, July, and August.

As with last month, be discriminating about what is core and what is peripheral while seeing it all through the eyes of radical compassion. Here we can find we’ve graduated into a higher realm of some sort of mastery or service, and are forced to grow in ways that guarantee us an unveiling of a mystery and the ability to launch a new way of life.

This Full Moon helps us move into new beginnings that may resemble old beginnings. As this Lunation makes a very powerful T-square with Pluto in Capricorn, keep your sense of perspective and balance as you turn important life corners. Some things are leaving forever, except those that are part of your greater “Spiritual Mystery.” Through curious forms of “good fortune” via “invisible helpers,” we can find great illumination and deeper compassion.

Find an appropriate emotional vehicle to navigate this time of tremendous feelings. Once we find the right “emotional intelligence,” then the more we care, the more we become sensitive to, the easier the flow through the crosscurrents. We cannot avoid the crosscurrents, but we do not have to feel helpless in navigating them.

Last month we got to part the veils and enter the “sacred chamber” leading us beyond old ego limitations. Keep the discipline of rising to a more refined level of social interaction, or a higher, more sophisticated and refined way of relating to ours and others’ feelings as you move through social experiences. This is a very long term structuring power offered to humanity at this time. We now have learned the power of harmlessness, and those who have lessened their fear can now radiate a calm that transcends normal understanding.

It began Spring 2012, and we’ve now entered an unknown space time sector where we will learn to view much of what goes on at core through a sense of life being a “science experiment,” with our task to understand the laws that underlie what’s going on. As the Saturn sextile Pluto will be with us for quite a while, relax into the intensified feelings and experience the beginning of the emergence of a deeper and larger “group consciousness.”

Ultimately this Full Moon will bring tremendous understanding of a bigger picture and ways to care with deep compassion for what has been, what is going or gone, and what is to come. This Lunation will pull us all in many directions, some of which are frictional. We still have the two interlocking Yods I’ve been writing about, and now face those plus a Cardinal T-square of major proportions along with Mercury square Jupiter.

Again, I’ll write more about these things in part 3. The next two weeks will bring release, relief, hard turns, more sacrifices and tremendous opportunity for growth in inspired, caring ways. For some this period will signal the appearance of their “global self,” freed from local assumptions and limitations. It is definitely a time to “divorce the past,” and see different levels of evolution as an infinite staircase we all travel across countless lifetimes.

There is a potential for tremendous stability and clear understanding, as well as great productivity and ability to move out of the old into the new. This may challenge some of our conception of larger opportunities offered to us, whether it forces us to scale things back or open to greater possibilities.

To sum up, it’ll be an important two weeks, with releases that take us to the core of our own spiritual “authority,” show us important facets of our “Spiritual Mystery,” with friction helping us integrate our Light with our feelings to express more compassion and caring. This will be a hard adjustment to a new reality for many, but you already saw it coming.

With the preponderance of planets in Aries and Pisces, feel what you need to feel to know what’s ending and what’s renewing. Even if things get unclear, intuition is very high, as are the energies to cultivate “the spiritual mind.” Still, as you navigate the blending of thoughts and feelings, eventually you will have to make decisions and actions, so be compassionate as you leave the past behind.

© Copyright 2013 Robert Wilkinson

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God Bless you Melody Scott Zindel

for the profoundly uplifting and intuitive astrology report………… rock as an Astrology Diva….. you are my sister!



I want to live a life that reflects all that I am. That used to be a lot simpler than it is now. I am so many things, so many passions, so many exciting twists and turns, so many dreams, so many intensely desired directions for the next phase of my life. Always unfolding, always seeking the next avenue of expression. I see myself at this last third of my life as a blank canvas. I feel like I am emerging from the ether with infinite potential for whatever I want to be next. It is such a relaxing and rich feeling to know that whatever I wish the rest of my life to be……………will be.

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Happy 2013

As we enter a new year and a new era,
May we all know the profound peace that lives deep in our hearts,
May we all live each day in the truth of our souls,
May we call forth the greatness in one another
To create communities grounded in compassion, respect, and dignity.
-Alan Seale


January 2013 Astro For All Signs

It’s a New Year and the balance of power between the masculine and the feminine is grinding into action. We will see power struggles between our material and spiritual beliefs. The right use of power is what we are struggling to understand. Is it right when multi-billion dollar industries dictate what we eat, wear, say, think etc? The Collective Consciousness is waking up in everything and change is afoot! This month heralds a huge shift in global politics, structure and the way things have been done for too long, much of it without our knowledge. There is a great need rising up in people to be better, do better, help others and find meaning in their lives. You can see this is the movements that are sweeping our nation. Co-housing is happening, even in Omaha; this is where small communities are created that are multi-generational and sustainable; (Visit: for more info about Papillion’s new development). There is another movement gaining popularity called Guerilla Gardening. This is where a group of devoted gardeners arm themselves with plants, shovels, seeds and more and descend on an area that is ignored, neglected, or used for clandestine activities and they transform the area. This is helping poverty neighborhoods regain some pride in where they live and the results are amazing! ( Welcome to a time where grass roots passion will transform our world. We are in for decades of dramatic change, some of it horrific, and some unbelievable miracles! The key to handling this year, and our future, is to be extremely flexible and open to change for the better. Talk to your neighbors and your children, relax and stay focused on what is yours to do, find out what is yours to do. This month will have strong highs and lows and the possibility for great love and passion. We are remaking our lives/world, and we are all up to it!
ARIES-The New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th offers you a chance to show your worth and make some changes. It’s a busy month with friends and hopefully no arguments, but Mars is in your friend sector and can highlight ego discussions. It would be better to use up some of that energy in contact sports. There will be radical changes in your life this year with some very lucky influences standing by to help. Relationships may be challenging in the autumn.
TAURUS-The New Year will be a mixed bag of stress and ease intermingling and it might make you a little irritable to be around at times. Just breathe; there is a strong focus at the New Moon on the 11th for you to expand your knowledge and to seek higher learning from a wise teacher. With Mars touring your career zone you could find people really appreciating your hard work and steady application, might be a good time to present some new ideas on where your company should be going. If you are unemployed this is a good month to find work.
GEMINI-The year begins with a happy attitude, fun with friends and great communications. Expect some form of increased financial support towards the end of the month. This is a month that can also challenge you to release old patterns and to make better/healthier choices. Busy, as you like it, contemplative sharing with others and a new friend or two on the horizon. Just don’t overeat or overdo!
CANCER-Relationships and especially marriage partners will be your concern as we start the year. You may be thinking back over the year and wondering what it all means and where it is going. It’s a pretty fast pace all month so just take some time to reflect as you will be undergoing major transformation thanks to Mars. Venus will help out towards the end of the month with all of your relationships, but it will light reading, nothing ever is when Pluto is around and he will be in this area for many more years. It’s a good time to be honest about what you need with a partner.
LEO-The New Moon on the 11th is in your sign helping you to lay plans for who you want to be next! Leo’s love changing roles and this is a good time to do that. The theme of the whole year for you will be healing, spiritual transformation and expanding your mind. This month may bring a new love into your life or re-charge an old one. There is some stress with authority, yours or another’s and you will be communicating a lot, but keep that sharp tongue to yourself, make it peaceful.
VIRGO-All in all this is a pretty great month which is a precursor to a good year for all Virgos. There will be some challenges, there always are, but you are favored now. This month you will be appreciated for your gifts and possibly asked to do more at work because you are so capable now. The New Moon on the 11th lands in your achievement/career sector showing it is time to start something new. Home life is good this month and there will be lots of activity with children or creativity.
LIBRA-A great year is in store for all Libras who have been working towards their goals. This month will be lovely most of the time with just a little nudge here and there to stay on track and be your best self. There is much energy in your home area so you might want to do a little rearranging, moving, painting etc. Uranus in your partnership house could bring some unexpected activity between you and another, keep it peaceful.
SCORPIO-January will start a little better than December ended and hopefully you can mend a few fences now. Mars, one of your co-rulers is pretty strong on the home front this month and could cause a few arguments, it’s much better to re-arrange furniture than argue, it’s just energy, use it wisely. Work is sporadic and there is a mild caution to take your time and not hurry through things. You don’t need any accidents.
SAGITTARIUS-A good year for Sagittarians to stand in their power and move forward! You are very attractive and charming this month thanks to Venus. There is a focus to get out and develop more of your talents and to even make more money. You will be working hard on that and maybe get a little help from a sibling or neighbor. Home is still undergoing much healing and hopefully you are being really creative and changing it around to suit your evolving self a little more comfortably.
CAPRICORN-With so many planets (Pluto, Mercury, and Sun & Venus) in your sign, the month shines a strong light on you. Your sterling character of seeing what needs to be done and doing it will be a rally call to your friends to step up their efforts at self improvement too! Be sure to keep up with any health concerns because Jupiter continues to be a strong influence for the better in that area, which means any little step you take to heal your body, will bring healing much faster!
AQUARIUS-Power packed! Mars and the Sun will have you super charged and the whole month is strong for you physically and mentally! Enjoy your loving friends at the beginning through mid-month. Your creativity is also very strong due to a Jupiter retrograde; dig around for some old art project you could finish now, or take a little vacation it will expand your mind. Everyday life is just full of unexpected pleasures and people for the whole year.
PISCES-Breathe in the beauty and joy of your life, it is all around you. This month will be filled with love, friends and great activity in your home. Remember to let go of the old, especially old friends that you have outgrown, so that the new friends have room in your life. Thanks to Venus, you will be seen as a beacon of love which is your natural state. Home is a haven but you may be thinking of moving. Saturn has been grounding your sweet spiritual nature as it gets ready to move into your career sector later this year…….this is groundbreaking for you! Much honor and fame will come your way from this.


December Astro For All Signs

Astro-December 2012
2012 draws to a close with many powerful statements. This month many will see stellar changes in their lives that began with the double November eclipses. A powerful combination of dynamic energies starts the month off with a bang! The New Moon at 21 Sagittarius on the 13th will have everyone thinking about who they are and why, bringing some new insights and needed change. Uranus the eclectic/chaotic force for change will go Direct on this day and it could be a wild one! Saturn and Venus are still traveling together the 1st week of the month bringing harsh realizations about our loves and loving natures. 12/12/12 promises to be a day of awakening to a greater reality and the knowing that our world is what we make it. The 12/21/12 hoopla has some very dramatic support, one being a YOD (Finger of God) involving Pluto (power/death/transformation), Saturn (responsibility/accountability/structure), and Jupiter (expansion/higher mind). Benevolent Jupiter will be the funnel thru which all these energies flow and wherever that falls in your chart will bring much needed change and awakening. This focus will continue for years. 12/21 is also the Winter Solstice, traditionally a time of peering into the coming year and setting our intent for what we would like. This Solstice is packed with much activity/potential and power. As Americans, we will be collectively waking up to the future we want for our country. The Full Moon at 7 Cancer on 12/28 (emotionally nurturing) opposes Pluto (Lord of Hell) and hopefully all hell won’t break out for you because there will be a big emphasis on partnerships of all kinds. Many believe we are on the brink of a Divine life……………see yourself looking out over a vast land high up on a plateau……………..knowing that where you want to go will require you to either fly or jump to a soft landing………..key words for December are FAITH, COURAGE, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, VISION, ACCEPTANCE.
ARIES-You continue to be reinventing yourself and exert your original power. The New Moon on the 13th will challenge you to think in higher realms and maybe change a few philosophies and you may be surprised by some of it. Something big could be happening in your career/achievements in this life. Your heart is opening to change and you will realize that the love of power is being replaced by the power of love. The Solstice/YOD on the 21st calls out for you to pay more attention to the details and expand your thinking, this could be a rebirth for you. The Full Moon on the 28th lands in your home, how can you make it positive?
TAURUS-The month starts out as a challenge to let go of the past in big thorough ways and open to what is evolving in front of you. Your mind is being remade and it is crucial that you surrender and don’t put up a fight, you will not win. Relationships take up a great deal of your time this month and there will be a few “realizations” that all are not as rosy as you would like. Career gets a big energy shot in the arm towards months end and the Full Moon will put a light on it right there in front of you. If ego is involved you can plan on arguments, however, if you soften up a bit and see the bigger picture, you may find inspiration and help from an unexpected source.
GEMINI-Wild ride with people you work with, are in relationship with, other people’s money, and who you are. It’s a challenging and exhilarating month ahead! With Mars transiting thru your 8th house you are under-going TRANSFORMATION! Keep it creative and as spiritual (I did not say religious) as you can and it will manifest in your career sector as acclaim. Friends are really quirky, but you love them anyway. The New Moon 11/13 could bring an interesting new person into your life. The Equinox/YOD packs a wonderful whollop of change directed at how you see and present your truth to the world-go get ‘em Tiger (or I should say Tigger!)!!
CANCER-The New Moon on the 13th offers you a chance to heal your body by changing life-style choices. If you take heed of said needed changes you will be rewarded by month’s end, if not, there could be a mini breakdown of some sort in the health area. There is a possibility of arguments with loved ones, but you can turn that around and inject some humor into the situation. There is a strong chance that you will heal existing relationships or draw in a reliable new one. Spiritual knowledge continues to beckon you, are you studying anything new? Career is full of unexpected changes for a while. The Full Moon lands on your most physical section of the chart to give you a new lease on life. The YOD/Solstice occurs in your 12th or Meditation House pointing out that you need to connect to source more often to sustain you in this brief human experience.
LEO-There are some tough realities facing you regarding your home and also your innermost self. Because Saturn is involved it seems like you need to let go of some fantasy and see what is really happening there. But there is plenty happening this month that is just plain fun! You are having a mini renaissance in your creativity and maybe even falling in love. Work is intense and it is very important for you to take super good care of your health, you can thank Pluto for that. All of your relationships will be “ego at the ready” at month’s ends, so just don’t fight with anyone. The friends and small groups that you are attached to become vitally important on the 1st; look to them for guidance and support in the changes you are trying to implement. As you close down 2012, go off by yourself for awhile and ponder what you want to accomplish for 2013.
VIRGO-The changes occurring in your life are very private and you may find that if you don’t start sharing some of these deep feelings you are going through, you will burst! The New Moon, on the 13th, lands in the most private sector of the chart-your home. This would be a good time to make a few changes for how you would like your home to feel and look. There will be a lot of activity in the home this month. It may seem that people in your daily life are a little harsh right now, it’s because you are supposed to be paying attention to how you interact with them. Radical change is occurring for you for a long time to come, relax into it and just see what shows up next. There may be a major career change in store as the YOD/Solstice energy funnels directly into that area of your chart. If you want a new career, this will be the month that gives it to you.
LIBRA-The month is energetic for sure and you will get a big dose of activity in the home sector the first week. Then the New Moon on the 13th inspires mental creativity and a desire to socialize more; have the neighbors over for some holiday cheer! The Solstice/YOD affects you in ways that will transform your ability to see clearly, expanding your mind in a very strong way. There will be some sort of transformation in the home, your $ and your philosophies. At the end of the month look for recognition and acclaim; the Full Moon lands in your Career house and you will be reaping much reward from that in the months to come. No quiet little get away for you New Year’s Eve…………….the month ends in a very public way!
SCORPIO-You will be perceived as a respected authoritarian and will be very charming this month thanks to Saturn and Venus. New ways of making money are coming in; spend time brainstorming on that one and new talents could also be under that. It’s so busy in there you might be making a major purchase of some kind. There will be much communicating and socializing in the neighborhood. Mid month will challenge you and open your eyes to deeper truths. This will specifically be in the area of major change. There could be an inheritance or someone giving you some monies, possibly a grant, but there is a little danger lurking behind the scenes in the form of Lilith the Dark Moon, so be cautious about accepting money. The Full Moon on the 28th finds you daydreaming about taking a journey or a vacation and just relaxing for a while.
SAGITTARIUS-You are on fire with energy this month! And if any recent activity like a job loss has happened from those November eclipses, this month will go a long way at repairing your despair. You will have an opportunity on the 13th to re-invent yourself, thanks to the New Moon in Sagittarius! You are about to be recognized for the talent that you are-put yourself out there and don’t let it slip through your fingers. Knock on doors, call in your markers, assert yourself and make the changes you need to. A bit of a struggle with illusion/addiction from Neptune in your subconscious can be very disorienting, it will help you to find a more spiritual way to connect and express yourself. The YOD/Solstice on the 21st hit you the strongest in the house committed partnerships. Either commit or move on, there will not be any shades of gray here. The 28th Full Moon demands transformation and that means letting go of the past.
CAPRICORN-You are a powerhouse all month thanks to a conglomeration of energy shining on you like a spotlight! The New Moon on the 13th asks you to look inside and find ways of change that liberate you. It may be a little uncomfortable but long overdue. The YOD/Solstice challenges you to pay attention to what you are taking care of, especially your health and work. There could be a major overhaul coming in both of those areas. Friends and socializing are a focal point all month but it isn’t exactly overjoyed, there are some lessons in here, be sure you get them. The highlight of the Full Moon in Cancer on the 28th is concerning your committed relationships, do they need some attention?
AQUARIUS-You will be seen this month very publicly, so do be on your best behavior. This is an important month for your career and a raise may be coming or more responsibility in an existing job, make sure you are paid accordingly. The New Moon lands in your friend sector and you may be meeting new people as you let old friends go. The Solstice/YOD points to the need for more relaxing fun/laughter/creativity. If you have children they need more of your time. The Full Moon on the 28th asks you to nurture yourself more, how can you do that? One of the ways is to be of service, volunteering will bring you rewards you cannot imagine
PISCES-You are so busy planning and looking into the future it makes your head spin, but in a good way. Your career is rewarding and people see you doing a great job! The YOD/Solstice focuses on your home. I see this as a very positive energy that will heal much that has needed healing. The Full Moon on the 28th highlights children and creative activities. A very busy month with lots of beneficial changes and spontaneous outbursts of creativity!! Take time to rejuvenate and bask in the glow of positive change.


October Astro For All Signs

October begins with us still reeling from the powerful pressures exerted by the Uranus/Pluto/Sun t-square on 9/29! We are still feeling it and wondering “what happened”? T-square’s create a lot of friction, and the only way to harmonize this one is to seek nurturing people/places/things. The New Moon in Libra on the 15th should be a good time for most, as Libra likes everybody to get along and play nice. The Full Moon in Taurus on the 29th, just before Halloween might find you seeking pleasure just for you and letting the madding crowd go in search of their own. This is an interesting month for relationships of all kinds. When Venus crosses swords with Uranus any relationship that is unstable will probably break up. Then Sun conjuncts Saturn and that is really hard on relationships. The ones that are stable will just experience a little rocky road, but others without that stability will crash and burn. Jupiter goes retrograde this month and that will slow down the function of Jupiter which is to expand and accumulate. You might find yourself thinking about all the “things” that clutter your life and wanting to spruce that up a bit. Retrograde cycles are for revisiting the issues of the planets vibe, and Jupiter is a little extravagant.

ARIES-Start the month out by staying home and relaxing. If you are in a relationship, use mediation to keep it from exploding into arguments. The New Moon on the 15th lights up your marriage/partnership house, this is good for starting over if you’ve been having trouble. The Full Moon on the 29th is in your $$ house will shine a light of your issues with money. It’s a pretty energy charged month for you and there will be lots of transformation going on, what can you let go of?

TAURUS-The tail-end of September’s t-square hits you on the 1st re: issues you have been working diligently to understand and it feels like something is ready to blow. If you have siblings it would benefit you to call them and resolve old issues. If you don’t, find some way to get out and mingle and give your mind a rest. The New Moon on the 15th is conjunct stern Saturn and offers you a choice of some kind in your area of work or health. Venus will make sure you have plenty of fun through it all month long.

GEMINI-Now that Jupiter is slowing way down in preparation to go retrograde, watch what you eat! Jupiter is in a house that can make you overindulge in food, especially sweets! A lovely month to hang out in your home, thank you Venus. Still some edgy energy over friends/change/having fun. The New Moon on the 15th is an opportunity to try something new to energize your life. The Full Moon on the 29th is great for a getaway or retreat, you need to think things through.

CANCER-With so much going on in your Mother/Home sector, it’s a busy time. The New Moon on the 15th is in this place also telling you it’s time to think about changing your home environment a bit. You will need to take extra care of yourself this month, a little pampering is in order. Career is a little wild/unusual and you will have to think outside the box to make it all work.

LEO-At the beginning of the month reflect on how your life is going and what you would rather have instead. The New Moon on the 15th lands in your daily living sector and there may be a need to change jobs/residence and even friends. The Full Moon on the 29th makes you look really good for any prospective employers. Your world is a little topsy turvy and that won’t change for a while. Take care of your health, especially your bones.

VIRGO-Friends will be your salvation at the beginning of the month, call on them for relaxing/fun times or help moving. All Virgo’s are undergoing a radical transformation thanks to Uranus, and need to be inspired to try new things. Pluto in your house of Fun is not always so much fun. Be very careful of illegal activities when Pluto is here (till 2024) because his energies are dark and hard to handle and there will be great retribution.

LIBRA-Oh, it’s a busy time for you and most of it looks pretty good! You are lovely this month and people notice that. The New Moon happens in your 1st house of body/personality on the 15th, get a new do or buy some new threads and really enjoy yourself now. Your career is a refuge at months beginning. By month’s end you will be faced with an emotionally charged change. Halloween may not be what you expect this year.

SCORPIO-The Mysteries of Life are filtering through your dreams and meditations, pay attention. The Full Moon on the 29th brings an emotional heads up to a committed relationship. You will find solace in mental pursuits at the beginning of the month. Jupiter turns retrograde in your house of life and death, this asks you to re-examine some old issues. Venus may spend too much of your money this month, so think before you spend.

SAGITTARIUS-A busy month with friends! The New Moon on the 15th finds you planting new seeds in how you manifest your dreams. The Full Moon on the 29th is in your work sector and some issue may come to a head on the job. As Uranus (unpredictability) continues in your Fun House for many more years, try to ground some of that energy so you don’t burn yourself out.

CAPRICORN-Look to committed relationships month’s beginning to balance and help you heal. Changes on the personal/home/career front are exhausting you and it’s time your took time for yourself. The New Moon on the 15th offers you a respite to think about your career, is it going the way you would like? The Full Moon on the 29th should be a very happy time and so will Halloween.

AQUARIUS-You are a very unique and inspiring individual, and you are now called to take some kind of a leap of faith. Pay attention to your health, this month would be a great time to start an exercise program and better diet. The Full Moon on the 29th is in your home sector, it could be emotionally draining and a little volatile. Venus will help you flow through some deep changes occurring this month.

PISCES-There are lots of changes and some deep transformations in your life. But it will be fairly smooth and your relationships should go well too. You need to balance out your life with more fun and a change of scenery. Emotional confrontations with siblings is possible at the end of the month, use moderation in your speech to them. Your career will be energized this month thanks to Mars. Home life should be good all month.


September Astrologically For All Signs

And the heat is on……………….from long and enduring planetary transits, we are really heating up this September. The last time we had a similar astro transit like this was 1965-66 and the tone was evolutionary revolution. Now we get to take care of what was started back then. The grassroots are waking up all over the world. The message will be the same, power to the people, love is all there is and so on. Look to your life, what needs to be overhauled? Where do you need to give and receive more love? Mid month presents a powerhouse of configurations! On the 15th we have a New Moon (starting over) in Virgo conjunct Mercury (communication) giving us all an opportunity to sit down and talk things over from our hearts instead of our heads. On the 18th Pluto (transformation) goes direct releasing the floodgates on how we are going to restructure our world so that it is more in alignment with our highest, most spiritual beliefs. September 20th packs a whollop with a T-Square (big friction) between Uranus (chaos), Pluto (power) and Mercury (mind) giving us a push forward in all of our transformations. The way to balance this big energy is through seeking harmony and nurturing from our home base. The Full Moon in Aries on the 29th can bring a burst of enthusiastic energy you’re your life. Venus (love) will be moving into Leo the first week and she brings a lot of laughter and joy to the rest of the month. When Venus and Leo get together you know it’s going to be a big party, elegantly catered and the wine will flow! If you have a birthday during this time begin to plan now and invite all your friends, the more the merrier! On the 23rd the Sun will move into gracious Libra smoothing out the rough edges from mid month. The Soul of the World (Anima Mundi) is being lifted into a higher spiritual playing field. This is clearing out the dysfunctional, cruel and unfair behaviors of the un-evolved ego.

ARIES-It may be time to revolutionize your relationships and you will get help from the planets. Venus (love) is good to you this month in your home and with children and creativity. If you haven’t been paying attention to what needs to change for the better in your life, mid-month will be a little uncomfortable. Mars (force) is hanging out in the area of your chart that brings about great transformation all month long. The Full Moon is in Aries on the 29th and it will be conjunct Uranus (unpredictable), could be a wild ride!

TAURUS-Relationships will be super-charged this month and possibly an ego dispute or two with those you love. Venus is helping you out in all your communications and the daily functions of your life at the first part of the month. Second half she moves into your home area which will create beauty and harmony and if you are looking to sell your house, it will be beneficial for you. The Full Moon on the 29th will kick some needed changes into high gear for you.

GEMINI-Your health is strong this month thanks to Mars (strength) and you need that as Pluto (change) continues to work on transforming your attitudes and life. Expect the unexpected when it comes to friends and social gatherings this month and in the years to come. It’s fun having off beat friends! The New Moon in Virgo (details) on the 15th bring opportunities to change-plant a few seeds and see how they grow. The Full Moon on the 29th can either bring you crazy friends with weird problems or a great and unusual party to attend.

CANCER-The New Moon on the 15th offers you a chance at some real personal growth, make an appt with your therapist. The month is a busy one for you and full of chances to let go of the past patterns in relationships to open to a deeper more profound love. Your achievements/career are about to get a huge bolt of energy from the Full Moon on the 29th!
There is a possibility of some disputes with your children, but you can diffuse that energy by taking a little trip instead or using your creativity more.

LEO-What a great month for you! It may be time to go back to school and learn a new trade. The New Moon on the 15th heralds new beginning for you and it highlights your talents, or talents you don’t even know that you have. As long as Pluto (transformation) is in your health house (till 2027) take extra care that you exercise and eat organic. The Full Moon on the 29th will bring some far out ideas about spirituality or higher philosophical thoughts that will expand your mind greatly. Great month for exciting conversations or brainstorming with friends.

VIRGO-It’s an important month for you and if you set your intentions now, will bring you what you desire. Sometimes those relationships are painful, but don’t forget to notice the healing that comes with them. If you have children they may be a little hard to handle in the years to come. The New Moon on the 15th brings many new ideas of how to live your life. The Full Moon on the 29 is full of unexpected news which could be good or bad, and it will change you.

LIBRA-A strong month for you thanks to the energy of Mars, although on the 15th it will collide with Saturn and this may be a difficult and irritating day for you. Jupiter continues to expand your mind and Pluto has you thinking deeply about your home. The Full Moon on the 29th has a jarring message regarding someone you are in a committed relationship with. Venus highlights good friends and good times this month.

SCORPIO-The Month is heavily focused on friends and social activities. You will feel strong, thanks to Mars, all month long, but keep that ego in check. The New Moon on the 15th brings a chance to connect with old friends or make new ones. The Full Moon on the 29th lands next to erratic Uranus in your health/work house. This could lead to some interesting workplace encounters. You are changing so rapidly this year be sure to take time off for just you.

Sagittarius-Lots of activity putting you out into the world this month. There is a New Moon in your career sector on the 15th, if you have been thinking of asking for a raise, that would be a good time to ask, and then just wait till the Full Moon on the 29th to see something come to fruition. It looks like money is on your mind a lot so use your talents to manifest more. You may be having fruitful dialogues with a partner this whole year.

CAPRICORN-There may be some strong opinions discussed with friends this month, just make sure everyone’s egos are in their proper place. The New Moon on the 15th brings in strong energy for success in what you are seeking. The opposition of this Moon to Uranus can create discord from an unexpected person. The Full Moon on the 29th lands in your home area conjunct Uranus. This could be a really fun, upbeat gathering in your home or some discord with those that live there.

AQUARIUS-Saturn (responsibility) is calling you to stand up and out in the world more. Your great humanitarian gifts are needed at this time and you will be noticed. The New Moon on the 15th lands in the house of major change. Some old pattern/person needs to go to let in a more positive future for you. The Full Moon on the 29th could create some very unusual conversations, just be sure that you stay calm and positive. Committed relationships are smooth and you can thank Venus for that.

PISCES-It’s a wild ride for you just trying to figure out what role you want to play next. The planets are stirring up your awareness of self, your gifts and money, your home, play and work, relationships, death and rebirth, friends and so on! No wonder your memory is a little shaky. The New Moon on the 15th could signal a rebirth of a marriage, while the Full Moon on the 29th could wreak havoc on your possessions or you may become aware of hidden talents and take a whole new direction.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” Hermes Trismegistus


August Astrology for all Signs

August is astrologically hot and so is the weather. We are urged to be agents of change in a more profound way which will continue through 2015 to the point you may not recognize you or the life you are living anymore. Mercury (thinking) will go Direct on the 8th, but wait at least a week for miscommunications and computer breakdowns to cease. There are 5 planets retrograde at the start of the month and this just means that it is time to re-think how we want our physical/emotional/mental and spiritual lives to be. We have two Full Moons one on the 2nd in Aquarius and the other on the 31st in Pisces. Scrunched in-between is the New Moon in Leo! During the lasts Full Moon on the 31st there is a powerful connection to healing old wounds. Sometimes this means there will be emotional breakdowns that bring healing. It is always best to handle these situations with a clear head, but the inclination is sometimes to dull the pain with drugs and alcohol. This is especially true due to this Full Moon being in Pisces (confusion/addiction). The moon is a big energy in our lives this month calling for us to open our hearts and let them lead. This is a month that you must move your thinking into the heart….step into your power, think positively, help one another and focus on what is here in front of you to deal with, right now. Mid month a fast and aggressive energy connects with a strong wall of resistance-BAM! This will be frustrating. Don’t take any risks at this time, it will fall through. However, you can concentrate on the daily rituals and stay grounded. People can be annoying and you may not be able to do anything about it, just let it slide for now. This energy is very good for concentrating all your focus on a project, just ignore the people. Also mid-month lovely Venus opposes Pluto which will intensify all love relationships to the max. If you can harness this energy in a positive way it will bring about constructive changes in your relationships. If not, be careful of romantic indiscretions and volatile/passionate exchanges.
ARIES-The Moon will help you understand your inner nature more this month. It’s important that you take time to reflect and make positive change. Your relationships may be stormy mid month; you will need to use your best mediation skills with a partner. You are urged to seek more from yourself and your life achievements. What are you contributing? Is it enough? Your everyday living situation is calling you to open up more and there is possibly a benefit for you in a daily contact. Your relationships with brothers and sisters are very good now, call them up and get together.
TAURUS-A Full Moon (8/2) in a house of achievement brings acclaim your way. Another Full Moon (8/31) offers healing energies for old friendships. At the New Moon on the 17th you may be starting over in a new home or making the home you have more of what you want. 8/15, a burst of energy in your health house could cause you enough stress to do some harm to your body, especially bones, teeth and skin. Stay out of the Sun during this time. There is a lot of activity in the home all month.
GEMINI-If you can let go of past trauma concerning your importance in this life, you will have a great opportunity to heal by month’s end. The first Full Moon (8/2) calls for expanded awareness in the way you think. The 2nd Full Moon (8/31) brings healing in the career sector. The New Moon (8/17) is the time to plant the seeds of change you would like to see in your physical reality. If you have children caution against confrontations mid-month, it won’t go well. Best advice is to accept them for who they are and love them unconditionally. You have latent talents that may come out this month, be as creative as you can be.
CANCER-The beginning of the month finds you in some pretty deep changes. It will go well if you can let go of limiting beliefs and dysfunctional relationships. Your career vs. home continues to be a struggle. How can you balance these two better? There is a possibility that mid-month your will have disruption in your home with a family member or it could be that your physical house need some foundational repair. Better check that out at the start of the month. As Venus moves through your 1st house all month, people will want to be around you and will see your inner beauty more easily.
LEO-You are a little pre-occupied with yourself these days. Can you see the forest for the trees yet? Your relationships are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself, are you happy with that? Mid-month could bring arguments with siblings/neighbors or people you don’t even know. Your health needs you to pay more attention. This is a good month to get a thorough physical and eat and exercise better. You may be able to re-invent yourself now; who do you want to be?
VIRGO-There is so much potential for you to be having a wonderful month; however you do have to step out the door and make it happen. The Full Moon on the 2nd lands in an area of things you take care of. That could mean that you are asked to do more than your fair share. Mid month is laden with difficulties with possessions and possibly money-follow your budget! You will have an opportunity to heal your important relationships at the end of the month, but you will have to do that in a more conscious and spiritual way.
LIBRA-The squeeze between home and committed relationships is a bit bumpy and will be till 2015. The Full Moon (8/2) will highlight you having more fun. Whatever you do now needs to make your heart sing. The world will seem more shining and bright. Mid-month brings a clash between Mars & Saturn so just use a little caution, back away from arguments, make sure you have your check up and just breathe for it will pass. At the same time the New Moon will be in your house of friends signaling that you may need a few new friends who are more fun. Career gets a nice boost all month and you should be financially better off.
SCORPIO-Emotions may be running a little high on the home front at the start of August. There seems to be some behind the scenes activity and I would caution you about being completely honest. If you have anything to hide it will cause you problems that you may have trouble fixing. You are needing to re-think how you enjoy and romance your life, is it being fair to others? A rebirth in the career sector is possible towards months end, set your intent to help it manifest. A possible inheritance is coming your way, or perhaps you need to apply for a grant. You will probably receive it.
SAGITTARIUS-At the beginning of the month, you may find yourself in some kind of drama with the people in your daily life. That could be friends at mid-month when a difficult combination happens in the 11th house. You are due for some recognition in your career, but you will have to visualize it and plant a few seeds to have it manifest. Committed relationships should be very happy and smooth all month. An opportunity to heal old family memories and create more of a healing experience in your present home is possible now.
CAPRICORN-The highlight is on your talents and money this month. Much of it will be smooth flowing but coming from unexpected sources. A little glitch in your career mid-month, just breathe through it, it will pass. I think it is a test for you to see that there is more that you can do. The workplace is abundant and smooth flowing all month thanks to Jupiter and Venus. This will also favorably affect your health and other things that you take care of-even your pets! There may be someone from your past that waltzes back into your life bringing healing and positive affirmations!
AQUARIUS-Are you taking better care of yourself yet? The first Full Moon of the month on 8/2, lands in a place that will open your eyes to what you need to be doing for your body. I hope you get to take a vacation because Venus and Jupiter will bless it with abundance and love all month long. There is an opportunity to heal or re-energize an existing relationship or it will possibly need to go away. The month ends with you experiencing a deep healing in the area of what you own or how you use your talents.
PISCES-It’s been very good and sometimes not so good now that your ruling planet, Neptune is back in Pisces. This has been giving you some pretty big bursts of creativity interspersed with a little depression at times. You are healing your relationship to yourself, be aware of that and it will go much smoother. Mars is creating a major transformation in your life and you are called to cull out the old, outworn you and let in the vibrant, amazing you! Sometimes that is not easy and mid-month you will experience a bump in the road regarding that. Polish up your meditation skills and all will fall into place beautifully. Any concerns over children will smooth out as Venus tours thru that area.


Taking a little breather…………………..

I’ve been taking a little breather, but here are some thoughts for your consideration:

Here I am for all to see………A glistening product of eternity………………
We practice “presence” every moment of every day…………what is your presence saying to the world and what is it saying to you?
“Transformational Presence—a state of being in which one lives, leads, works, and engages in life from a place of profound alignment with their soul, their soul mission or life purpose, and the Greater Consciousness. This presence opens the door to the greater potential waiting to emerge in any moment, situation, or circumstance, and becoming a steward for that potential to manifest.  The more authentic and dynamic one’s presence, the more effective that individual or organization will be in serving the positive transformation and evolution of our world.” –Alan Seale
I am present in my life; I am a presence in many people’s lives. Just making that statement brings in such a profound energy and it holds me accountable to be the best I can be.  Om Shanti


July 3 & 4 – Lollapalooza

A great piece on yesterday and today and for some time to come. Go to:
for the whole article.

“The Yod, or Finger of God, is made by Mercury at 8 Leo sextile Venus at 9 Gemini with both quincunx Pluto at 9 Capricorn. Though Venus is just separating by 2 minutes of motion, it’s so close that this will be a powerful focus wherever we have 9 Capricorn, with major productivity where we have those degrees in Gemini and Leo. So the next two weeks will involve expansions through sacrifices, with productivity in the Gemini and Leo sectors and adjustments in the Capricorn sectors of our charts.

Whatever is squeezed into focus over the next two weeks through sacrificing whatever is needed to achieve that focus will become the source of opportunity, imagination, and expanded life awareness and adventures when Jupiter crosses 8-9 Gemini between July 14-25. This will bring many a technique of attuning to the invisible world that will be useful when confronting events this coming October, November, and December.

The Moon biseptile Mars, with Mercury septile Mars, opens 7 zones of intense non-rational events and activity. These zones are around 7-11 Leo, 28 Virgo-2 Libra, 20-24 Scorpio, 12-16 Capricorn, 3-7 Pisces, 24-28 Aries, and 15-19 Gemini. If you have a planet or point in these zones, expect dramatic choices and changes in your life in the areas listed in the second paragraph of this article.

As with the Yod, we can expect significant developments evolving from the choices we make in the next few weeks when Jupiter is in the Gemini zone in September and October, as well as when Mars crosses the Scorpio zone the last 10 days of September. It would seem that late September is going to set some major events into motion that have their origin over the next two weeks! Pay close attention to when the Moon moves through these zones on July 6-7 (Pisces), July 11-12 (Aries), and July 15-16 (Gemini).

So Just What Was the New Moon Theme for this Period?

Remember that the qualities of the Full Moon express whatever new directions we were shown at the previous New Moon. You will recall its theme is one of getting clear about what is true and what isn’t true, and finding multiple angles of approaching perception and information.

This one requires that we externalize some element of our individuality in a way that attracts what we would like to see appear. This time is entirely about clarity in who we are and what we’re externalizing. Other themes involve the “recapitulation of past opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle of experience,” and “realization of new potentialities,” and “the creative exuberance of the human soul in response to life renewals.”

Further, it’s about weaving “collective material” and expressing it so that we demonstrate our virtuosity to our environment and our world.” Rudhyar says it’s about “Expansion,” and individual mental Exteriorization in the Act of Differentiation.

It’s also a time of learning how our “aesthetic experience” strengthens our core through our “skill in imitation.” Here our “aspiration becomes articulate far in advance of (our) self-refinement,” where the promise is made manifest in extraordinary achievements. This is an attempt at self-revelation which enhances our roles in everyday life.

We are all quickening, and are in a time of opening to new ways of externalizing our skills, knowledge, and aspiration. The recent Venus retrograde helped us all to get new insights into what we like, why we like it, and why we liked other things and people in the past. We may have gotten insights into previous difficult situations which allowed us to correct our aim, use intensity to better advantage, and repair something that went off track through vagueness or a lack of clarity in some ways.” Robert Wilkinson


New Moon in Gemini for all Signs

We’ve been getting a steady dose of Gemini energy lately thanks to the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter. Gemini, commonly referred to as the Twins, is an airy, mental sign that shows us both sides of the coin, or yin/yang, light/dark etc. It’s about understanding our dual natures and gaining wisdom from that insight. When so many planets are in a sign, we get an abnormally high infusion of its energies. Right now people are being called to look into their lives for deeper understanding of who they are, why they are doing what they are and is it possible to expand out and have a very different life/love/fun etc.
ARIES-Brothers/sisters are important to you, make time for them. If you don’t have any siblings, spend time with the neighbors or even striki up a conversation at the grocery store, it will enrich your life.
TAURUS-Think about how talented you are and get a little more motivated to explore new ways you can use those talents and make extra money.
GEMINI-It’s all about you right now and you are charming the world! Take advantage of all of this Gemini energy and enjoy yourself to the max!
CANCER-A retreat would be heaven for you now, can you get away? Even over the lunch hour would help. Write down your dreams, they have plenty of messages for you.
LEO-It’s summer and you need to be spending a lot of time with friends! This is a mentally stimuating time, don’t let it go to waste-be social!
VIRGO-It is time for you to achieve more of your greatness. Think and plan now for a better future soon. You are wise and grounded, this New Moon will stimulate wonderful new ideas for your life-write them down.
LIBRA-You are a natural teacher at this time and ideas are overflowing. Get a little more organized and start to vision your future in grander ways……..then it will manifest.
SCORPIO-Time to reinvent yourself. What is stuck and stale, what can you let go of and let in? Old ideas might be a good to rethink. Daydreaming will bring you a lot of great info.
SAGITTARIUS-Marriage on the horizon? In a marriage? Perfect for a new one or making an old one better. Communication is at its finest and you adore one another.
CAPRICORN-Get new ideas about your job and how you could make it more of what you want. Taking care of others will become lighter in the days to follow, relax, it really is all good.
AQUARIUS-You had better be on vacation with all of this wonderful energy in your play house! If you can’t, at least get to the park with yours or somebodies children and play all day! It will revitalize you.
PISCESS-Home is your haven and you may be thinking of changing it a bit or even moving. Whatever is on your homefront, it is happy and airy and light and you are content for once.


Jupiter in Gemini-6/11/12-6/25/13

Aries-you will have an abundance of communication happening in your daily life and may even write that book!
Taurus-Money coming your way and your gifts will be expanded greatly!
Gemini-You can reinvent yourself this next year in any way you wish.
Cancer-Listen to your dreams and meditate more. You will be guided.
Leo-Friends abound with great ideas for having fun and transforming your life!
Virgo-Great for a jolt of ambition and career goal setting.
Libra-Your spiritual self is sending you a revolutionizing year, no limit to what you can do with tis.
Scorpio-You love change, and you will be getting a lot of that.
Sagittarius-Beautiful abundant relationships! Maybe gettinig married.
Capricorn-Work, work, work……pay attention to detail-it’s all good.
Aquarius-A fun year with exciting short trips and you will be so creative!
Pisces-Home will be a lovely haven with good communication and high ideals all around.

A real blessing all around if we take the high road and do the work, otherwise this could be a scattered year with difficulty focusing. Up to you! Happy Jupiter in Gemini!


June For All Astrology Signs

It is eclipse season as we move into summer. The May 20th Solar Eclipse rocked a lot of personal worlds; now the June 4th Lunar Eclipse is set to do the same but probably in a bigger way due to so much happening at that time. This Full Moon Eclipse is in Sagittarius which is concerned with identity and healing and is getting a harsh glare from the God of War-Mars, so watch out for ego disputes and use the energy wisely, perhaps starting a new workout. Another aspect happening at this eclipse is Pluto sextile Chiron which opens the door to some very profound healing energy. The now famous Venus (the Light that beckons) in Gemini (mental plane/healing & completing) occulting the Sun (Hero’s Journey) will take place offering all of us the opportunity to go over past loves and heal any wounds that are left with them. Neptune (spirituality/creativity-deception/drugs) is going retrograde on that day creating a need to slow down and process what is happening. The powerful Uranus square Pluto is changing our world and it is exact on the 7th. Gear grinding is how it will feel for most of us as the friction from these two planets demand change and restructuring of how we live our lives and how we treat our planet. Jupiter (growth/expansion) moves into Gemini on the 12th to stay until June 27, 2013. Jupiter in mental Gemini will help us all find new ideas to make our personal and collective world a better place to live in. Saturn (responsibility) goes direct after being retrograde since February 8th. What this means is the momentum for changing and moving forward is about to pick up speed. So if you have felt as if you had been treading water that will change this month. All in all a powerful month that can leave you feeling spacey at times, irritable at others and definitely motivated to have a more fulfilling life by offering many opportunities to let go of the dysfunctional past.
ARIES-Daily living is busy! Many comings and goings with friends and a lot of communicating too. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is nurturing your higher mind and will send you on a quest for truth in your life. Venus is bringing a lot of love into your life and will help you heal any past broken hearted issues. The New Moon in Gemini on the 19th looks like a starting over in your life. What do you want and what can you let go of?
TAURUS-Thinking a lot about your possessions? This house is heavily accented all month. This is also the house of your talents and how you make money. Put your thinking cap on and ask for a raise. This Full Moon Eclipse on the 4th lands in your house of death and rebirth, more change coming your way. Something important is leaving your life to make room for the new. A deeper spirituality is coming into your life and the change will be revolutionary.
GEMINI-Your Gemini nature is over the top with so many planets in Gemini this month, but when Jupiter moves into Gemini on the 12th to remain for one year, watch your calories! The eclipse on the 4th lands in your marriage/relationship house and there may be endings and beginnings with that. You are really changing a lot this summer so breathe and take a yoga class to help harmonize these energies or you could be cranky.
CANCER-You need a meditation room this month to retreat into and re-think your life. The eclipse on the 4th lands in the area of things you take care of, this includes your health and work. Something needs to change; do you know what it is? If you are married, the square between Uranus and Pluto will be difficult to deal with as it is a heavy energy to deal with. Marriage counseling is good. Your higher self is asking you to tune into a deeper spirituality.
LEO-You normally are the life of the party, and this month your friends will be too! Very social with lots of ideas floating around about everything! You may need to change how you are having fun, the eclipse lands in your fun house. Eclipses bring endings, so you may need to get a job or if the job consumes too much of your time, you may need to change jobs.
VIRGO-Mars continues to give you a strong constitution and a fighting spirit or a least a little more motivated. The lunar eclipse on the 4th lands in your home area; something needs to change there, or perhaps you need to move. Your career is also undergoing some big changes and you are full of thoughts on what you want to do next.
LIBRA-You are stimulated to change and find new ways of doing things this month. There is so much happening you may feel pulled in different directions, breathe and practice yoga to ground yourself. Neptune (cloudy) is sitting still in your work/health house; it might be time for greater clarity on whatever issues you are having with either of them.
SCORPIO-The eclipse on the 4th is closing down some part of your life that has to do with possessions and money. Do you need to change what you are doing? Great change this month for you in many areas. Thoughts of life and death may fill your musings or you may have to take care of someone’s estate after they pass. Venus asks you to heal any past hurts in loving.
SAGITTARIUS-You are leaving an old way of being, or maybe just becoming more real, thanks to the eclipse on the 4th. There can be confusion in the home; a long conversation could help that. Are you thinking of getting married? Or perhaps out of a marriage? Lots of mental energy around your committed relationships. Career is great right now!
CAPRICORN-You may want to retire to your meditation room after the eclipse on the 4th. You need time to rethink a few things in your life. Work is busy and you are communicating more than you might like, a good time to plan a mini vacation. You are now recognized as a strong, healing force in the world and your accomplishments are many.
AQUARIUS-Take time to do a little research and see what you would like to do next! Many changes from the eclipse on the 4th as some friends leave your life and new ones come in. You have been undergoing some radical transformation since last November; you should be used to it by now. Relax this month and seek out old friends for fruitful dialogue.
PISCES-Dreamy and creative energies inside you and outside of you, there are no limits to what a focused Pisces can accomplish. There will be a lot of activity in your home this month. It‘s a good month to have the neighbors over for a barbeque. The eclipse on the 4th is shutting down some part of your career, what would you like to accomplish next?


Doing It Up Right………..

When I was small I spent a great deal of time on an 80 acre plot of heaven with my grandparents in Nodaway, Iowa. We followed the seasons then with how we lived and what we ate. Spring was planting and filled with hope for the harvest. Summer was hard work tending to all that was growing, not only plants, but livestock, especially those chickens. Fall was the harvest of so much loving labor and stocking up and storing for the sleep of winter. Winter was when all the tools were sharpened and repaired and the things you didn’t have time for in the other three seasons. Rest and rejuvenation, not only the farm, but our bodies. There was time to play the piano and sing the old songs, time to sew and dream.
Today I was out in my yard harvesting sour cherries. And I just want to thank the squirrels and birds for leaving me enough this year to make 3 big pies. When you are involved with nature, time has a way of being eternal or in the moment. You have to pay attention. While I was cherry picking so many thoughts of my childhood came back to me of what we would do after gathering the bounty. One of those things was sharing. I remember the pies and jellies and jams and butters we would deliver to the neighbors, our friends, and how delighted they would be to receive these gifts, but it was more than the food, it was the thought and consideration and the love that went along with it.
While I wasn’t able to gather that many cherries, my neighbor has a birthday on the 31st and she loves cherries. This year she gets a cherry pie from me filled with labor and love. If you have ever picked cherries, you know how much work it is between picking and eating!
We used to know that it truly is the little things that make life worth living. It is the effort and love that counts and the sharing of all of that.


There Is Nothing More Important Than Love

As I sat on my patio this evening gazing into the peace and serenity of my 15 acre wood listening to Pandora with old favorites, Joni Mitchel, Judy Collins, James Taylor……..Van Morrison came on with that great song “Days Like This”.
It’s been intense for so many of us this spring. Many endings and beginnings, many people leaving our planet and many being born.
I lost a dear friend last week, not the first time, but that doesn’t really matter. Death/Birth, so vital, so important, so with us all the time. Pausing to reflect every day; did I love her enough? Did she know how important she was in my life; how much she enriched my life?
Three months after my Father died he came to me in a long dream and at the very end he looked deeply into my eyes and said, “None of this matters, only the love matters.” It changed my life and healed my relationship with my Dad completely. I saw him as I had never seen him in this life, and he looked at me with love for the first time that I consciously knew. Thanks Dad. Thanks Alison, for coming into my life and being a beautiful inspiration to me.

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May Horoscopes For All Signs

It’s an earthy May and one of the most beautiful months of the year. It’s a busy month with much activity from the planets. To begin with the Full Moon on May 5 is in Scorpio (intense) making emotions run high and passion soar. A good way to use this energy would be to do something that you are passionate about and avoid people who annoy you. Full Moon’s have a way of bringing out whatever we aren’t dealing with, especially when it’s Scorpio. Venus (love/beauty) begins a retrograde on the 16th heading into a very auspicious eclipsing of the Sun in June. The Venus energy is calling all of us out to deal with our loving relationships. There may be old loves from the past or old memories coming up to be healed during this time. The focus will definitely be on all topics Venusian: Love/passion/art/ beauty/healing etc. On the 20th we’ll have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Eclipses slam the door closed on something whose time has come, and then a new door appears. Endings and beginnings: You won’t be surprised by the endings, you know what needs to leave your life, however, and you may be surprised by some of the new life coming in right after. All month we will feel Mars (strength) trining (ease) Pluto (transformation) helping us all to make reforms in our lives that will help change the world into a better place. This month is definitely about healing and moving on into better times for all.

ARIES-You may be thinking a lot about money or your possessions and undoubtedly money is coming your way, thanks to abundant Jupiter. The Full Moon on the 5th lands in your house of change and it will be highly emotional whether positive or negative is up to how you handle it. The eclipse on the 20th will affect very personally. Do you need to clear the clutter out of your house? Do you need more mentally stimulating conversations?

TAURUS-Be cautious when it comes to expanding because you might just be putting on weight and missing the real expansion that needs to take place, i.e., who you are in the world. You will be inspired to develop more of your gifts this month and Venus will help you. Party hardy, but don’t burn yourself out. It would be wiser to create more happiness and fun in your life. Take time to meditate as Uranus (inspiration) and Mercury (mind/messages) will help you find more inspiring ways to live your life.

GEMINI-You are lovely and all can see that as beautiful Venus moves through your physical sector. Think about new ways to enliven you “look” and present yourself in a new way, it will definitely pay off. Redecorate or move but don’t fight within your home. Lots of energy in the home area, use it positively. Buy a dream book to understand the symbolic messages coming through in your dreams. Above all, stay grounded, work out, eat better and it will all make sense in the months to come. You are undergoing enormous transformation-get REAL!

CANCER-It’s a happy month for friends and social groups but you have to go out the door and be there. You are so affected by the Moon (your ruler) and this month the Full Moon in
Scorpio will affect you in the area of children/fun/gambling/creativity. It’s a good time to buy a lottery ticket and find time to spend with your kids (literally and metaphorically). Career is unpredictable but FULL CHARGE AHEAD!

LEO-“Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots is your theme this month! Super energized talents, home life, work & taking care of others, also lots of fun with friends! Your month should be very energized and you are making great progress in getting ahead. Many deep changes continue under the surface, but you will be healed by all of them. People are counting on you to help them out and you rise to the occasion as your regal self in auspicious ways.

VIRGO –You are strong while Mars sits in your physical house till July. Caution against arguments during the full moon on the 5th, it won’t work out the way you want…..try mediation instead. Be prepared for big changes in your career at the eclipse on the 20th, although you may not notice it till well into the summer. Eclipses close the doors on the past so you can move into a brighter future. Heal all those relationships-it is so worth it. Unpredictable change continues to haunt you, however if you would just surrender to the inevitable it would go much smoother. Look for great advances this summer.

LIBRA-You are in such a state or re-doing who you are and hopefully are regenerating the physical body. Even if it looks like you are falling apart, you aren’t. You are changing what needs to be changed. The Full Moon on the 5th has you concerned about your possessions. Relationships are a little haywire especially in regards to communication. Transformation is happening on so many levels, remember to breathe.

SCORPIO-At the beginning of the month you may want to reassess your physical body, does it need something? You could also be having thoughts about yours or someone else’s health and it could be unusual or unexpected. Committed relationships are a strong focus now and you just want a stable, reliable person who totally adores and pampers you. Venus could be bringing a new love into your life that could care less about stability.

SAGITTARIUS-It hasn’t been easy these past months, but you should start to feel real progress this month. Your home can become a spiritual haven for you now; maybe you should fix it up a little. You may be thinking a lot about your children or wanting to be more creative and do things your own special way. Work is stuck in a rut of some kind, but that will change by June. Love is filling your relationship area for many months to come and on May 20th the eclipse will be there too. Someone is leaving your life………….and someone else is coming in.

CAPRICORN-You really need to relax and indulge yourself in playful and creative times this month. Work is about to get much better after you clear out old stuck energies (maybe people) and clarify what you really want. This would be a good time to have a party in your home; it will attract unusual and very mentally stimulating people.

AQUARIUS-At month’s beginning you have a nice Full Moon in your career/achievement area, be open to receiving recognition and honor. Everyday life is a little chaotic with many unexpected changes; you will have to put your thinking cap on to figure some of it out. Hang out at home as much as you can, it will soothe you and recharge your psychic batteries. Lots of fun for you this month and maybe a new love!

PISCES-You are undergoing such radical transformation and really stepping into who you are! You are creatively gifted and this month some new talents may be discovered. Life is rich and rewarding, relax and enjoy. The New Moon at months end is also an eclipse; this occurs in your subconscious area, a very good time to get in touch with who you are and what you would rather be doing. Home will be lovely all month, although Mars may stir up an argument with a loved one-check your ego at the door.


Shadow Attacks

“Our shadows exist to teach us, guide us, and give us the blessing of our entire selves. They are resources for us to expose and explore. The feelings that we have suppressed are desperate to be integrated into ourselves. They are only harmful when they are repressed; then they can pop up at the least opportune times. Their sneak attacks will handicap you in the areas of your life that mean the most. “ -Dark Side of the Light Chasers

It takes me years of study and research to begin understanding. With shadows, my first response was generally denial or disbelief. Then moving on through more study, a kind of grudging belief that perhaps this could be true. Now as events come up in my life I grab hold of what is this shadow and how can I allow it real expression? What has it brought to me and why now?

So, another sneak attack and as I look at this particular shadow I find I’m really liking the beauty of it and the acceptance that I am gifted in this way.


Crystal Bowls Meditation this Sunday

Sunday, April 15-5:00-6:00
Join Sue Moon and Sue McCarthy playing 15 Crystal Bowls in guided meditations designed to raise your vibrations and heal your physical body. The Bowls literally vibrate out negativity and toxins in the body. It’s a lovely thing to do for yourself, especially since it is Spring and time to detox all systems.

Bright Spirit Center   7551 Main St   Ste 206    Ralston, NE  68127   402.319.0678

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The Personal Monthly Astrology Forecast

More and more people are realizing the value of astrological information in their lives. Not the generic form of entertainment that you can read in the newspaper, but personalized for each unique individual.

I am offering personalized mini reports to help guide you through the energies that each month will bring you. The monthly report will include information on your Full Moon, New Moon, any Eclipses, Retrograde planets, Venus, Mars and more. Each report will be emailed to you around the 15th of the previous month. June reports will be sent on May 15th.

The cost is $25 a month or pay $120 for 6 months and save $30

During this time you will be given the direction that your personal planets are moving in, making it much easier for you to navigate the coming times.

If you would like a more in depth reading there will be a 15% discount for members of the Monthly Report.

“In the years to come there will be radical political, economic, societal and environmental upheavals that will rival the worst the world has ever seen, it is also simultaneously true that humanity is on “the Path of Return” if we are to believe the ancient Chronicles. From one angle, the future’s so bright we better keep a stock of sunglasses ready! We just have to prepare wisely to get through and beyond the conflict and crash…” Robert Wilkinson


April Astrologically For All Signs

April is full of retrograde chatter! While Mercury only stays retrograde till April 4th, it takes at least a week to 10 days before communication begins to flow smoothly again. Mars has been retrograde since 1/24, helping us all to plan more wisely in whatever forward direction we would like to take in our lives. It will unleash its bolt of energy and then all of our plans can go into motion. Saturn continues it’s approximately 5 month retrograde cycle and Pluto goes retrograde on 4/10 to stay till 9/18. What this is causing for us all is a “time out” to reconsider the directions in our lives. Think deeper, plan wiser, cut your losses and let go of the past.
The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th will be a lovely time for most as Libra brings harmony and balance and a love of beauty and art. This would be a good time to relax and enjoy the new exhibit at the museum or art gallery. The New Moon in Taurus on the 21st is similar to the Full Moon in that Venus is the ruler of both Libra and Taurus. Venus brings love and beauty into our lives, so enjoy that this month and relax and plant beautiful flowers.
Mercury moves into Aries on the 17th which brings communication to the forefront. This will be aggressive at times and everyone will feel the need to express themselves……..all at once! Venus moves into Gemini on the 4th bringing a sense of lightness and fun! Due to Venus going retrograde in May, she will stay in Gemini till August 7th! In June she will eclipse the sun! Big news and more on that in May.
ARIES-Time for you to really move on what you want. You will have a lot of help for new ideas and lucky influences coming your way! The Full Moon on the 6th will light up your committed partnership house and bring nice energy to that. The New Moon on the 21st will be a time to think about what talents you have that you haven’t been using. It’s a productive and money making month for you.
TAURUS-Meditation is good and if you don’t have a practice find a class and learn how this month. Being still will help you to understand the unusual events coming your way now. Physically, it’s a strong month for you to move the body in a new direction or change your exercise regime. The Full Moon on the 6th may bring up some emotional issues at work, but it will all work out thanks to the mediation of Libra.
GEMINI-Party month with lots of happy friends and frivolity interspersed with quiet/reflective times. Home is busy and you might be doing some re-decorating. If you have children they may be a concern at this time. Pluto continues to help you make deep, transformative change for many years to come. Get your spiritual path dusted off; Neptune is calling you to be a positive force for change in the world.
CANCER-Lucky influence for you in your career! Socializing this month is vital and abundant! You are starting to broaden your view of the world outside of the home and thinking/planning takes a priority all month. Brothers and sisters could be squabbling as Mars continues to sit in the sibling house. Home is on your mind, what do you need to do with it? Paint?
LEO-Change is occurring at very deep levels for you. You are broadening your mind and beliefs this month and also your achievements. This is a good time for you to put yourself out there and see what you can do. Siblings can mean more responsibility than you would like, but it will pass before late Fall. Take care of your health and exercise more, your heart needs it!
VIRGO-Mars is super charging you physically right now so it is a good time to take long walks or workout. The Full Moon on the 6th will have you emotionally attached to your possessions and perhaps buying a few more goodies. Mercury in your relationship house has you thinking about what you would rather have instead. Longing for far-away places at the New Moon on 4/21. You may just need to take a day to get away and dream.
LIBRA-The Full Moon on the 6th in your sign of Libra is delightful and charming for all who know you. The focus on work at the beginning of the month will move into relationships later. You may need to re-think some of those to bring them more into alignment with your evolving life. Change is strong for you in positive ways this month. The New Moon on the 21st is a time to dream of the life you want and then move towards it. A very lucky blessing will come to you from Jupiter in that regard.
SCORPIO-Something hidden may come to light about you this month. The highlight is on things that you take care of, work, pets, plants, people and your health, although relationships take up a big portion of this month. You may have an opportunity to re-energize an old loving relationship this month and there seems to be a very profound and deep change accompanying it.
SAGITTARIUS –It is a strong month for you in oh so many ways. Your talents continue to grow and be noticed. Your subconscious is being creatively transformed and is infusing you with creativity. It’s a fun month and a hard working month. Please take good care of your health, the New Moon and Venus will help heal any illness now. Your career is super charged thanks to Mars; just keep your ego in check.
CAPRICORN-What can you do to make your home fit your personality better? Are you having enough fun these days? A highlight will be the Full Moon in Libra in your Achievement House, this brings honors and recognition and a lot of love. The New Moon on the 21st offers you relaxation, simple pleasures and a well deserved respite.
AQUARIUS-The New Moon on the 6th reveals deep psychological changes that are going on in your psyche. The Full Moon on the 21st tweaks your Mid-heaven which shows honors for your achievements and a possible career move up that ladder. You are undergoing major transformation with Mars in the 8th house till July, just breathe and enjoy the ride.
PISCES-Major healing of who you are continues and you have been thinking a lot about that lately. Possessions mean a great deal to you because of the comfort or beauty they bring and that is highlighted this month. You may even buy some new toys, just watch that you don’t over spend. With Mars in your relationship house you will need to curb your ego and your tongue and just say “yes, dear”. Many fundamental changes for the good are taking place if you just allow them to.

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Our Current Status as Evolving Beings

2012 and “The Second Mayan Prophesy”

We’re experiencing the emergence of a larger, deeper, and more powerful energy field, and we’re each sensing it in our own unique way. What is common to us all is that energy field is a vast meeting ground, where we are meeting ourselves and others in “a new world that’s a-borning as the old one dies.”
The tribes are assembling, both large and small. The time stream has quickened over the past decade, so that things are arising faster and faster prodding us all to make critical choices in our view of living with fear or love, darkness or light, separateness or Oneness. Perhaps that’s related to what all the prophesies about this time have stated from times past.
A Spiritual Brother who is a site sponsor is directly wired to authentic Mayan scholars in Guatemala. From time to time I pass on what is offered so we can understand what this “end of time” is really all about, and why the future is very bright for all who embrace the qualities of the emerging field.
I’ll close my part of this by saying that as it now stands, almost everyone on Earth has either a septile or sextile between their Neptune and their Pluto. In a nutshell, we all know better.
There is no excuse for unconscious behavior, since everyone now knows on the deepest levels what “right action,” “right intention,” “right response,” and “right relationships” mean. Now is the time to focus this deepest and broadest personal experience of the Eternal, God, Spirit, or whatever you call it, to synthesize our personalities with our Spirit-Soul and demonstrate the integrity of our unique gift to offer the world.

And now for “The Second Mayan Prophecy.” It’s part of our Brother Felipe’s Mayan Calendar Series over at Maya Earth Coffee. (Yes, he does ship direct!) I introduced you to some of these authentic Mayan opinions on the subject many months ago, and since he just sent this to me today in his newsletter, I thought I’d pass it on to you for your consideration, slightly edited for readability.

“The Second Mayan Prophecy”
The second prophecy shows two paths: one of comprehension and tolerance and the other of fear and destruction. On both paths, you learn the necessary lessons for the evolution of consciousness.

It’s up to us to decide which path to choose, it’s heaven and hell manifested simultaneously. It tells us that humanity is moving towards a new era of harmony, but in order to get there, we have to confront our greatest fears and accept that we experience difficult situations so that we can learn from them.

And if we maintain inner peace in whatever situation we experience, no matter how difficult it may be, then we can maintain and increase our inner energy producing a high state of vibration and true respect for all living beings. It says that difficult situations will be part of our life as long as we need to learn a lesson from them.

The second prophecy announces that as a result of the August 11, 1999 eclipse, the physical transformations of the Sun will alter the actions of humanity. They say that some will lose control of their emotions while others will fine tune their inner peace so as to synchronize them with the rhythms of the galaxy. In this way, they will be able to neutralize the drastic changes that are described in the following prophecies.

On that day we saw a ring of fire that cut off the heavens. It was an eclipse without precedence in our history due to the alignment of a cosmic cross with the center of almost all the planets in our solar system.

In addition, the shadow cast by the moon over the earth crossed through Europe, passing over Kosovo, the Middle East, Iran and Irak, and then through Pakistan and India; its shadow appeared to predict an area of wars and conflicts.

“The creative imagination of the Mayas was truly galactic, just as their knowledge was.”

Fundacion Centro Cultural and Asistencia Maya C.C.A.M.

Chichicastenango, El Quiche, Guatemala

To which I’ll add that the 1999 Solar Eclipse in Leo was one of the most powerful in history, and shattered everything that was up to that point, thanks to the Grand Fixed Cross involving the Sun/Moon in mid-Leo, Mars in mid-Scorpio, Saturn in mid-Taurus, and Uranus in mid-Aquarius. 4 major heavyweights, none giving an inch! I’ll write something about that in the future.

Truly, the emerging changes require us to be open to subtle frequencies of life, light, and love, and experience the living energy we are all together. While many things will seem difficult, as we learn to detach, become more dispassionate about what appears to be, and discern between the real and the unreal, the truly important from the apparently urgent, we can find a greater power in generating positivity in our view of what is and what could be.

You might as well let go of all your fears and worries and live the integrity of your heart strength, love, and wisdom. You have nothing to lose but your separateness from yourself and Spirit.

© Copyright 2012 Robert Wilkinson

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March Astrologically

I’ve taken a little sabbatical from this blog, but starting to come back! Here is March for all signs:
Astro-March 2012
The old saying goes that if March comes in as a lamb it will go out as a lion, or vice versa. Astrologically, March comes in as a lion this year with a powerful Pluto/Sun square. This brings pressure both inside and outside to do something! Maybe radical change is needed somewhere in your life and you will feel that now and will have to do something about it. Authority figures may cause problems, as if they were testing you. Machines, communication etc., can break down if they need repair because it is time for them to be fixed. Follow that on the 3rd with a Venus opposing Saturn which will bring up a conflict about duty/responsibility and just wanting to take the day off. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 8th is in a wide conjunction with Mars making this a powerful Moon for taking action on healing your life and the planet. On the 12th Mercury makes another retrograde pass until the 4th of April. During this time you will want to re-do, clean out and tidy up loose ends in preparation for new projects to come in the Spring. On the 14th there is a beautiful Earth Grand Trine involving Pluto (regeneration), Mars (energy), Jupiter (expansion) with Venus (love). This calls for a more grounded and practical approach to what makes our hearts sing. This is a time to really enjoy the physical pleasures of planet earth-if it feels good, do it! The challenge will be to take action, as this aspect is a little lazy because it just feels so good. The New Moon on the 22nd in Fiery Aries is a call to start something new and better in your life. This Moon is also conjunct Uranus which makes it a little wild and definitely asking you to step outside your comfort zone to create change for the better. All in all, this is a busy little month ending with a lot more hope and lightness than the beginning.
ARIES-A powerful month with Mercury (mind), Sun (spirit), Venus (love) and the New Moon all in your physical body house. Work out, buy new clothes, socialize and charm everyone around you! Your dream world will be super charged for many years to come thanks to Neptune moving into that house. This will be a creative time of change for you. Jupiter continues to shine prosperity in your money house. Mars and the Full Moon are encouraging you to take super care of your health.
TAURUS-Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (beauty) are highlighting your physical attributes all month. People will want to be around you and enjoy the benefit of this positive energy. Use it to get out and socialize more and impress people with who you are. The Full Moon on the 8th can be a great time to relax and enjoy your life more. The Earth Trine on the 14th benefits you physically, romantically and your imagination, do something positive with this.
GEMINI-So much happening on your social calendar! Friends are very important for you this month, so be sure to invite some over and make plans to do something fun. Although you are sure putting in a lot of time at home or perhaps taking care of your Mother. Make plans for now for a nice getaway after June 25th. The month is graced by Venus touring your 12th house; this energy is best used in selfless service. Volunteer or help a friend/family member in need, it will long be remembered.
CANCER-The month is a little jarring to start with relationships and career; it looks like you need to make a choice. There will be a renewal in your career and possibly an offer of more money and better hours with added responsibility. You need to be with friends and socialize all month, so make a few plans. The Full Moon on the 8th could bring a few arguments into your daily world if you aren’t careful.
LEO-The Grand Earth Trine is empowering you mid-month to balance your talents with your job and personal achievements in this life. If it feels good-do it! Much activity this month in expanding your awareness and now is the time to make your life bigger, more expansive and definitely more conscious. Study something new, travel, meet new people and make your encounters lively and different! You are still undergoing extensive changes to how your mind works, thanks to Saturn and this will continue till the Fall.
VIRGO-It’s a high energy time for your body this month, work out and eat well, especially around the Full Moon on the 8th. Saturn’s continuing transit through your money house can make this a time of financial loss. Your material possessions reflect what you value on the psychological plane. This is a time to be very careful with your money and possessions. Now that Neptune has moved into your marriage house till 2026, expect a dreamy encounter or two; just keep the rose-colored glasses off. Change is all around you and you need to move with it and create a better life now.
LIBRA-This is a month that highlights the things you take care of in this world-your job/health/pets/other’s health/earth etc. You may find yourself a little overwhelmed with all there is to do. Take a breather and find your relief in letting go of the past, you can’t take it into a happier future-it’s just too much baggage. Jupiter moving thru your 8th house brings inheritance and other people’s money-apply for a grant and you will get it! Psychologically you are evolving at breakneck speed thanks to Venus in the house of transformation!! Relationship/marriage energy is off the charts!
SCORPIO-When Neptune moves into the “fun house” the big caution is overdoing recreation in its many forms. Health and work are strong this month, start preparing for summer with a good cleanse, and maybe even a new job search. The Grand Trine in your chart relates to wonderful relationships, powerful daily experiences that change you in a positive way and socializing with friends. A good month all in all for Scorpio’s everywhere!
SAGITTARIUS-This is the month to make either a career change or step up your efforts in your current one and move up the ladder. You are talented in many ways and this is the month to strut your stuff. Home needs a new coat of paint or just paying attention to some nagging detail like a leaky roof or bugs in the basement. It’s a fun month though, most of the time, and you should be getting along with people quite well. Mercury retrograde will hit you in the fun house-relax and be a little lazy!
CAPRICORN-Clean out the closets while Mercury is retrograde and don’t sign any contracts or buy any electronics! The Full Moon on the 18th can make you a little “preachy” as it is next to egocentric Mars, so just be aware of that. The New Moon on the 22nd occurs in your subconscious area, this is a very good time to meditate and realize a deeper meaning to who you are and why you are here.
AQUARIUS-This is Transformation time for you, especially mid-month. Money issues could play prominent, so budget well. You could be having more fun now on a day to day basis and maybe even redecorating or buying new furniture, possibly even moving. Saturn on your Mid-Heaven brings you honors and acclaim. The Grand Trine, mid-month, will help ease you through some hefty shifts in consciousness and change.
PISCES-Breathe in the creativity and breathe it out into your life! Create as much as you want, it will be blessed this month! Lots of activity in your money/possessions/talents sector, you may want to produce something. Whatever you tackle in that area will be successful after Mercury goes direct in April. Indulge and relax in your daily life all month, lots of good encounters coming your way. The Full Moon mid-month is in your marriage house along with aggressive Mars (even though he is retrograde), so I would just caution against arguing with your mate and plan more play-time instead!



Do you feel the fresh air of change? It’s really building in momentum as we pause to look into the coming year. What will it hold for our world? What will it bring each individual? There is now the opportunity to create the changes that need to happen from the inside out. There is an impatient charge to the very air around us at months beginning. The changes are building in momentum and even looking back a few years ago can see our lives profoundly different today. This year accelerates that. No need to hang on to the past, its grip is slipping too. We will see a renewed interest in re-building our country from the lower echelon. Unfortunately, the higher echelon will still be using bandades over gushing wounds. Look to smaller communities taking care of each other as the new future for our world, especially here in the US. There will be the potential for a “chosen one” to step up and offer salvation. Unfortunately, that is how Hitler came into power. This is not the time for Saviors and demi-gods; it is the time of each person saving their part of the world. This month sets a fast pace for the coming year of change with mighty Pluto and the Sun together changing fundamental energies all around! Jupiter (abundance) setting the stage with Saturn (responsibility) asks for a reevaluation of recent expansion and a firming up of our countries relationships with other countries. This will affect us personally by calling us out for equality and the appreciation of diversity. March is full of surprises and possibilities for all. We will be into gear grinding change as the first of five Pluto/Uranus conjunctions happens in June through 2015, this is what will challenge the world and crumble rotting foundations so that a new order of compassionate tolerance can emerge. None of these profound changes happen overnight. We are in for the long haul.

View the entire article with January Astro for each sign at:


Winter Solstice 2011

As I sit here this evening I’m pondering on events that give meaning to our lives. Today is one of those that has been lost in our country to most, The Winter Solstice. Solstices mark transitions. Now we transit from the long dark into the renewal of spring……ck out this site for great info on the history of the winter solstice:

Now is the time to look back over 2011 and see where you have come. What has left your life to make room for the new? Prepare to welcome in the new and potentially brighter year with fresh opportunity for anything you want in your life. It is a very powerful time to perform a meaningful ritual. I have had some of the most powerful spiritual experiences practicing ritual at the solstices.

I’ve just completed a great one. I wrote down on two separate pieces of paper what I want to let go of in 2012 and what I want to come in. I went out into the woods behind my house, breathed in that crisp air, burned the pages, breathed in relief and hope and fresh air and felt completely renewed! I kept a copy and put it in my astro ephemeris for 2012. It’s good to look back and see what you have accomplished. And amazing how accurate these little letting goes and inviting ins are!

May your 2012 be more than you hoped for and may the energies flow through you peacefully with grace and ease.

Namaste to all Jai Bhagwan Shalom Peace Que todas as bênçãos da terra te iluminem Om Shanti

Winter Blessings of Peaceful Stillness
“Each nation has a soul of its own that is as real as the soul within every human being.” -Myss

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Checking In……………

I’ve been caught up in the daily grind and trying to figure out where to go from here. I love the celebratory feel and expression from Thanksgiving thru New Years, but I always get a little lost in the activities and planning. As I perused my early morning web sites I found this tidbit  perfect for what I needed to ground this morning. Thank you Robert Wilkinson for a wonderful website of wisdom:

1. All forms pass away.

So don’t get too uptight at the changes. Don’t get too attached to suffering the difficulties, and don’t get too attached to the enjoyment of pleasures. Both the problems and the enjoyments will pass, so chill out and don’t take any of it too personally. Live life to the fullest while not getting stuck by clinging to habits in thought, feeling, or action that lead to suffering.

2. The Golden Rule works.

Also known as, “What goes around, comes around.” Even though we may not see the larger workings of the eternal law of cause and effect, it’s there if you take a wide enough point of view. A logical corollary of this truth is that as one acts, feels, thinks, and aspires, one creates the tendencies for these to manifest in the future.

We just usually have such short attention spans that we don’t see the bigger picture of the cause-and-effect cycles of our lives. Still, the Law works in mysterious ways whether we perceive it or not, and if this second Truth actually works for all of us, then it is easy to see that the third Truth is…

3. Love is the way.

Since Truth number one is inevitable in our dualistic impermanent system, and Truth number two is an expression of the “karmic law” governing the field of sensory manifestation and creating patterns that persist through space and time, then this third Truth, to embrace, learn, and BE Love, is the only sane way to live.

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Be Good

No man or woman of the humblest sort can really be strong, gentle and good, without the world being better for it, without somebody being helped and comforted by the very existence of that goodness.  -Phillips Brooks

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Happy Elevening……………….

I’m somewhat of a loner. My friends go out to plays, museums and the long list of activities people go to for enjoyment. And then there are the gatherings for meditation, classes on the occult, retreats etc where people talk about what is going on and what it all means. I lead many of those classes/retreats, but I’m not usually a participant listening to someone’s idea of the universe and airy new age dialogue that is not founded in practical application. I am a practical person and I don’t like conjecture and someone seeking ego power from “knowing” something that others don’t. I think it’s just their ego seeking power, lilke egos do.
So, I don’t go out much, but it does get a little lonely. So, today I am going to gather with others for a little meditation on 11.11.11. I don’t know, given our calendar, if this is 11.11.11, but I do wish to be of service in any way that I can to bring peace and healing to our beautiful planet.
And this from Robert:
“As for most New Age approaches, I tend not to take very seriously much of what is asserted in our world about other dimensions, evil aliens, glorious pronouncements and messages from “ascended masters,” paradigm shifts, and personal “ascensions,” to name but a few. I find a lot of it highly speculative, usually exclusive rather than inclusive, and not based in depth knowledge of the requirements of human evolution across centuries and millennia. I am particularly wary if it seems like it’s a) threatening, b) cheerleading, or c) assuring us that we don’t have to take responsibility for being here and to whatever degree is possible, selflessly contribute to a better world while freeing ourselves from glamor and the causes of suffering. Basically, I feel that if it doesn’t apply to Biafra or Bangladesh, it’s probably more local than global and needs further examination before being proclaimed as a universal fact or Truth.

Glamor, Illusion, and Maya (the Sanskrit Maya, not the people) are serious traps for any truth seeking Soul. I truly believe it’s best to develop our “glamor dispelling mechanism” so we can see things without that world problem intruding on our perception and understanding.”

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Full Moon in Taurus & Time & Evolution

I was sitting down to write this article about what a lovely Full Moon we have today and thinking about the pleasureable energy of Taurus when my mind wandered into all that is going on in the world and for each person. Evolution=Revolution, we are seeing it everywhere. This Full Moon is a little like a rest stop on our fast track to change, so enjoy it. Take time to take time for all the little things that make your life worth living. Indulge a bit and relax a lot, call old friends and tell them how much you love them. Surprise yourself with time and attention. It’s really important in the midst of all this upheaval to pull back and relax and smile and just enjoy. Today we can do that.
And a bit more on the times we are in and the spiritual evolvement we are going through by my old friend Robert:
“There’s a great deal of glamor, illusion, and Maya surrounding our current transitional period, with lots of rumors and speculation. Regardless of our current belief systems, there is a greater evolutionary reality going on that’s beyond our perceptual interpretations conditioned by our limitations.

So today we’re going to re-examine the nature of time, perception, and how our minds work. By understanding how these work, we can keep some things in mind as we move through experience and adapt to what is, and what’s coming.

Time is a funny thing. It is a one-way street, and is the means by which we measure movement in perceptual experience through the 3 denser dimensions. Time is also infinitely fluid, and as such has no beginning or end.

As someone recently pointed out, an odometer is a good metaphor for how we have come to measure space and time as functions of each other’s movement. Rolling ever forward, every end is followed naturally by a new beginning showing the next phase of an unending process. If the dimension of time is never-ending, then though calendars end, consciousness is forever.

Humanity, barely understanding a few of the principles of the 3 dense dimensions of human reality, usually do make stuff up to explain time and how it relates to experience. Mostly these are attempts to find metaphors to classify what hasn’t been confirmed within conventional means. I believe that’s why a lot of what is asserted these days does seem disconnected, or weaves together highly speculative assertions that require us to accept a lot on faith. The human imagination does wonderful things to cover up holes in its incomplete understanding.

While I’m big on faith when it is needed, it has no place in any serious study where thorough scholarship is needed. Devotion is good, but it’s an entirely different field of energy than Knowledge. It’s somewhat like trying to use cooked spaghetti to hammer a nail. Both are perfectly fine in their realms, but ultimately have different purposes, methods, and outcomes.

Many sites offer speculations about the current and coming transitions, and try to tie them to the Mayan calendar, the Great Pyramid timeline, the prophesies of Nostradamus or the Book of Revelations. I have found they require us to assume quite a few things, some plausible, some wildly implausible. Much of it seems like a game of “Telephone,” where each successive retelling becomes more and more elaborate, usually for the purpose of convincing people to suspend reason and join, surrender, or repent something.

All interpretations of prophesies make assumptions. We all make assumptions. That includes you and me, as well as the Mayan, Nostradamus, and Pyramid timeline scholars. In fact all groups studying anything, including the fields of art, science, philosophy and religions, make assumptions. We can extend this to all societies and cultures, since humanity has been trying to classify reality and experience since its infancy 3 million years ago.

Even when certain assumptions are “proved true,” they are usually within local conditions and may not be an absolute. For example, we assume gravity to affect everything that has mass and density. However, countless Eastern Yogis have demonstrated that sometimes gravity does not affect the human body when certain levels of consciousness are achieved.

In terms of the larger “paradigm shift,” right now, due to a lack of true scholarship in the field of metaphysics and the Ageless Wisdom accumulated through many civilizations over millennia, collectively we are somewhat like the proverbial 7 blind men trying to describe the elephant. So many see the parts and assume them to be the whole, or that somehow the trunk is “more important” than the leg. Mostly people have fallen under the delusion that forms have permanence and that getting attached to those forms is sustainable.

We do have an accumulation of wisdom of the ages available if we research it. Then we can relate the many derived, more recent local forms of that knowledge to the source material. There’s a lot of speculation about the New Era, but most newer “experts” on the subject never studied the older larger and smaller eras preceding this one to get context or a sense of the continuity of what each successive age represented in terms of the spiritual evolution of humanity. One must study to know, know to understand, and understand to judge. Critical thinking skills are essential if we are to transcend superstitions and half-truths based in limitations of perception.

This all serves the evolution of the race across larger sweeps of time. Each successive sub-race within the larger Root Race contributes to a new understanding of “God,” which serves the needs of that space-time continuum. This requires new metaphors, new approaches, new ways of regarding what IS. However, evolution is a continuity and usually builds upon itself, with occasional mutations.

I tend to doubt the veracity of new material when it tries to negate the established spiritual principles of accumulated human wisdom. Legitimate newer forms of understanding never negate the sum total of the accumulated Truth, Love, Wisdom, and Intelligence of the larger evolutionary trajectory. They do, however, add to the total understanding of All-That-Is, and usually offer hope for the inherent freedom of the Soul to come forth. Evolution is inherently inclusive and liberating.

In part 2 we’ll continue exploring the nature of the Soul, false dualities that lead us into confusion, the problem of fear-based thinking, New Age cheerleading, Root Races and sub-races, and what we’ve been told by oracles past about 2012 and the nature of the coming Aquarian Age.”

© Copyright 2008, 2011 Robert Wilkinson


Our Changing Lives/World

I’ve been thinking and planning and saving for a future that I am unsure of. Today when I checked my favorite astrology site, this piece jumped out at me and I thought I would share it with you:

Life In The 21st Century – An Age in Transition
by Robert Wilkinson

We have entered a period of living on the edge of change like few other generations in history. There are global forces in motion affecting us all that will alter the course of destiny on every continent in ways unimaginable to our grandparents. By the time this transitional period is done, we will confront a new world, a new way of viewing matter and energy, and a new sense of the interrelatedness of life.

Due to a number of factors, both physical and metaphysical, it is evident that we’re in the heart of a 22 year rendezvous with making the history of the future as we sort through the creation, preservation, and transformation of our assumptions about matter, time, space, electricity, magnetism, life, our planet, and each other. The good news is that everything points to a much better world in the future, despite the many current vectors showing us the need to learn, adapt, and become skilled in new ways to move safely through the difficult times ahead as the old systems crumble and die.

Very often in our world, surviving is less determined by who is “the fittest” than by who is learning to “think in the future.” We may be doing well in the present, but time and conditions always change, and much that we assume today will be irrelevant in the future.

It is through our ability to anticipate changes that we move toward models of sustainability that will endure despite the radical events going on around us. Collectively, this will bring forth the environmental, economic, and political solutions we so desperately need to correct the on-going wreckage of the obsolete models of war, harsh competition, and wasteful pollution that poisons our land, air and water and threatens the very existence of entire nations.

There are on-going breakthroughs in every field of study in the world. Old ideas about the environment, economics, religion, health, government, and what constitutes social sustainability are being discarded as never before. New ideas never imagined present themselves every month, sometimes as solutions to our pressing problems, sometimes a new ways of valuing things, and sometimes just the spur of necessity showing us we must adapt or face dire consequences.

While some of these ideas are “bridge forms,” and not meant to endure past this transitional era, others are “seed forms” that will form the basis of things to come. Over time, many apparently separate systems will be seen in the light of synergistic, holistic understanding, and assist the development of more integrated ways of approaching the material creation.

Thanks to such things as the Internet, Quantum Mechanics, mind-body medical breakthroughs, and an ever-increasing global knowledge base showing us we are interconnected in astonishing ways, the inevitable conclusion is that millions are embracing the power found in community and shared knowledge and skills as antidotes to the avarice and separateness of the old era. Utilizing the principles of economy of energy, magnetic attraction, and synthesis, the cooperation of various beings coming together in the next decade will create a radically transformed Earth and humanity.

Now is the only time there is. Now is the only time to learn, to know, to dare, to embrace, and to break free of the inertia of the past. Now is the time to prepare for what is, and what is coming.

By moving beyond old assumptions and limitations, we can recognize and accept a greater wisdom, intelligence, and effectiveness, and find our community within which we can live well and contribute our gifts to our world. As we move through this heart of “the Winter of the 21st Century,” this is the joyous challenge.

We only have about 2500 days to go before it will be evident that we’re all living a radically transformed reality that is the beginning of a 2100 year era where we will remember more about the nature of the electromagnetic creation than we can currently imagine. Enjoy the ride!!

© Copyright 2007, 2011 Robert Wilkinson


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